Friday, September 05, 2008

Energy & Sustainability forum - next Thursday

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I've been trying to help the Energy Commission organize a third energy forum. This one will discuss Energy & Sustainability.

It's the third energy forum in a series of four forums dedicated to increasing public awareness about household “energy issues.” (The first two were on Transportation Energy and Onsite, Stationary Energy. The fourth is to be on Energy Conservation and Saving Money.)

The third energy forum on Energy & Sustainability will include speakers on three topics:

1) CRRA – Paul Nonnemacher will explain their “waste to energy” plants* and the alternative of recycling compared to turning it into electricity
2) Friends of Boulder Knoll – Dr. Bob Giddings will discuss composting and gardening as a way to recycle and avoid using “transportation energy.”
3) 1,000 Friends of CT** – Heidi Greene will speak for this not-for-profit that advocates smart growth policies in CT.

This forum is scheduled for 7pm on Thursday Sept 11 in Cheshire Town Hall. It is sponsored by the Cheshire Energy Commission.

Tim White

* A W2E plant is an example of an Offsite, Stationary Power Source... different from the Onsite, Stationary Power Sources that were discussed at the second energy forum.
** A special thanks to Elizabeth for getting me in touch with 1,000 Friends of CT.

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Anonymous said...

"Smart Growth" is a code term for keeping suburbs from building anything other than high density apartment projects near bus lines and letting our investment in the highway system fall apart.

I'm not buying what Esty's "Community organizers" are selling.