Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Altieri email requesting info on PC at pool - 2

A few hours later, I responded to Councilman Altieri. Here is the text of my response to his Sept 6 email:

"At this point I have some information that relates to the topic"

That's great to hear. But for information specifically related to performance contracting and pools, see here:


And as I mentioned to you a few months ago, I'm confident you could google a few key words and find lots more information on pools and performance contracting.

I'll continue the email chain tomorrow... perhaps with images of the emails. But it's late tonight, so a cut'n'paste is all I'm doing.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

If you have the information, and know so much about this topic, why are you not just helping now that someone has answered your call for PC. Maybe they are looking for you to show everyone you were right all along on PC.
You are sounding childish now for "turning the tables".
Show them the way - be a leader if they wont

Anonymous said...

Tim is not turning the tables. He gave the info already. Altieri's task is the pool as he says - he got the info long ago, so why hasn't he done his homework?

tim white said...

I see your concern. And to that end, I have provided the Council, specifically the majority, info on PC for years. And I will continue to do so.

But the Sept 11 MRJ really clarified the situation.

One member of the majority heard a presentation on performance-based contracting in January, and still has concerns about it.

"It raised a lot of questions that were not answered to my satisfaction."
The Council member also wants the town to do its own energy audit and install energy-efficient systems, cutting out the profit margin of performance-based contracting companies.

These is nothing but moving goal posts. At first the argument was that I had not provided enough information. Then when the media pressed, the majority knew that argument was rightly being seen as a diversionary tactic. So now they create a new story line.

(notice that these two emails were Sept 6 & 7, but this article was Sept 11. So the story line had a few days to change.)

Nonetheless, I will continue giving information to the entire Council because we need to take action... we need a comprehensive energy action plan. And I will continue advocating it.

Anonymous said...

at least he is doing something to provide answers
what does tim do
Not one thing
drone on and on about what we should do
gets nothing done
gets along with no one
has no answers
better get to work
nov 09 is here before you know
bye bye