Saturday, September 27, 2008

Meeting minutes on town website!

WALLINGFORD - While the town has catching up to do to meet a state requirement that meetings minutes be posted online, other municipalities have questions about the new mandate.

The mandate, which takes effect Wednesday, requires towns and cities to post meeting minutes for all public agencies on their Web sites, so long as the sites are "available." The minutes most be posted within seven days of the meeting.
(MRJ, by George Moore)

Lo and behold, Council meeting minutes are now on the town website! And while I don't know if this was because of my efforts for increased transparency or the new state mandate, one thing is for sure - it wasn't staff acting at the direction of the current Council majority:

Tim White


Anonymous said...

tim white=do nothing talk too much
no action
no ideas

Anonymous said...

Tim White = informed and informative

Much of what goes on would not be known by us little people if it wasn't for Tim.


tim white said...

Thanks SZ. About the ridiculous charges, that's like Nancy Pelosi blaming the Republicans for failing to pass legislation. The Dems (or should I say staff?) set the agenda. Everyone can see that a common sense review of take home vehicles and defined benefit plans for non-union employees gets quashed or endlessly delayed by the majority.

Then there's the pool, the Bartlem ballfield, and a comprehensive energy action plan (among other things) that would remain entirely in the dark, if it were up to the current majority.

As for ideas though, let's keep a watch on this "bright idea" brought to us through Matt Altieri's "creative problem solving."

Anonymous said...

Fix a park that we already have or build a new one.....real creative

Anonymous said...

Cheshire and much of Connecticut seems to be way behind on this type of service. It is past time for local voters to have readily available official minutes of town meetings. All the local daily and weekly newspapers have long ago curtailed their coverage of town meeting activities. As a reader of the ‘news’ stories which do get published I am convinced most, if not all of them have been written as ‘press releases’ by one political faction or another.

Put town meeting minutes on the town web site in a timely manner and leave them there for a significant amount of time too. While we are at it put the town meeting videos on the town web site as well. Tax payers are paying for the video taping and there is no logical reason that the only place we can find them is on the tw web site.

Thank you tw for doing what the town and the local news media have failed at.

Anonymous said...

In today's economy, how can anyone in their right mind support spending $900,000 or more on artificial turf? And, then in 8 or fewer years spend even moree to replace it. These people are out of touch with reality.

With all the economic mess, the state will be adding 1 billion or more to the deficit. Washington will be cutting back money to the states and the states will be force to cutback aid to the towns, but the teachers and public employees will still demand their usual increases and the expense of everyone else.