Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Projected state deficit growing

The AP is reporting on state government cutbacks:

Gov. M. Jodi Rell is ordering a second round of midyear budget cuts, this time slicing nearly $35 million from state agencies and commissions.

The latest reductions come a week after the governor's budget office announced that the projected budget deficit for the current fiscal year had nearly doubled to $300 million, mostly due to a decline in state tax revenues.

Rell already has reduced state spending by about $140 million in recent months. She also has imposed a state hiring freeze and travel ban.

A hiring freeze and travel ban.

Governor Rell has attempted to be frugal with our tax dollars recently. A hiring freeze, a travel ban... and there were restrictions on gasoline consumption.


Any takers on an over / under on Tuesday November 4 being the day that Williams / Amann / Donovan announce next year's tax hike? I'll take the over - any date after November 4.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Rell ought to call back any funds given out to towns from those discretionary fund accounts that she and Amann have - particulary any funds that are for unnecessary projects. Any in Cheshire come to mind??

tim white said...


Or Matt Altieri and Mary Fritz might get upset with you!

Or a soon-to-be-former-Speaker may "crush" you!


Anonymous said...

It was only a matter of time before we all had to start paying for the turf!

It is amazing thqat they find money to give to towns for ridiculous things like turf while they have a $35 million defecit.

You know Amann will blame the defecit on Rell when he is running for governor, lets all remember the money he threw away to towns like ours.

tim white said...

a $35 million defecit

Annually, Rell / Amann / Williams each have a $12 million slush fund.

That's $36 million that could be saved without too much "pain." Though if you mention his slush fund, Jimmy may "crush" you. So beware!

Anonymous said...

where's Elizabeth Esty on all this?

Since she;s a Harvard grad (like all those I-bankers who lost billions on Wall Street) I'm sure she'll have all the answers