Monday, September 15, 2008

Cafero / McKinney and Rell

The WRAs Paul Hughes reports on a rift between Republican legislative leadership (Rep. Larry Cafero and Senator John McKinney) and our Republican Governor, Jodi Rell.

Cafero and McKinney have been trying to create a distinct identity for Republicans in the legislature as part of an overall strategy to increase the GOP's influence and numbers in the General Assembly. This effort contributes to Republican tensions in Hartford, the two leaders and others said.

The article gives a good synopsis of the public spats between legislators and Gov. Rell earlier this year.

Like them or not, legislative Republicans are now taking action. For years they seemed to just go along with whatever the majority or the Governor wanted. Not anymore. And I appreciate that even when I disagree with them.*

The article though seems to paint Cafero and McKinney as equals in "creating a distinct identity for Republicans." Personally, I think it's Cafero and George Gallo. They've done a lot of good. And even when the debate gets heated, I think it's better for democracy to have a real discussion... not just a rubber stamp.

Tim White

* For instance, subsidizing the CT fuel cell industry has serious drawbacks.

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