Saturday, September 27, 2008

Charter revision deep-sixed

The NHR had an article in yesterday's paper about the Ordinance Review Committee quashing the possibility of a Charter revision. Council Vice Chair Ecke said something about a lack of leadership among Republicans. That's a fascinating viewpoint.

At least Ordinance Chair Esty had the good sense to take action on an item on her agenda... unlike a certain Budget Chair who promised to place "performance contracting" on his agenda on August 30 2007, but has failed to do anything with the agenda item since December 17 2007.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

This whole thing stinks of politics. First of all I don't think the Dem leadership had any compelling reason to open up the charter to revision and that they would be laughed at for the reasons they would present to the public for the need to changing it. I do believe that the Dems wanted to open it so that they could attack and change some of the provisions that they and the developers don't like and that currently limit their power.

What upsets me is that instead of bringing it to a vote and placing it in the public eye, she could use it as a negative slam against the Republicans. Is she a mind reader to know how the Republicans would vote? How could she make the assumption that they would all vote against it? Is this the way things should be decided and instead of a vote, one simply assumes.

Anyway she accompliched her goal of blaming the Republicans for being against improved government even though it is the Republicans that fought for the taxpayers and are against the special interests that the Dems work for.

Now Esty can claim she was for improving the town government, but the evil Republicans were against it.

A vote would have told us why it was needed and we would have had on record why each member was for or against it.

Anonymous said...

This Town needs a few Council and BOE people that represent the views and wishes of an Independent or Unafilliated position. We have gone on far too long with the antics of the D's & R's. All they do is try to find issues with each other and they have forgotten how they were elected to work to improve the Town.