Thursday, September 11, 2008

CHS air conditioning installation delay timeline error

In a recent post, I gave you some unintentionally misleading information. I apologize for that, but the basic thrust of my concern hasn't changed.

If you click through to the above mentioned post, you'll see two dates - March 21 & May 9 - that appear to be from 2008, but they're related to 2007 documents. See here:Regardless, my basic concern about the Council voting to waive the architect selection process in March 2008... and the Town issuing the Notice to Proceed in July 2008 still leaves me at a loss. And I still don't see how the Council can rightly blame the Board of Ed for failing to ensure the Town does its job expeditiously.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

speaking of timelines..i hear rumblings at Manson that the CO's morale is extremely low..looks like problems on the inside of the walls..might want to check with the Warden sooner than later..

Anonymous said...

must be that MRSA thing going on in the prisons...but heck, it shouldn't be a least that's what our turf ad hoc committee says...the natural temp changes should kill the MRSA...yeah, right!