Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bailout compromise = sound money, transparency & prosecutions

Here's the gist of an email I just sent to Senators Chris Dodd & Joe Lieberman and Congressman Chris Murphy:

Dear Sir:

I oppose the $700 billion bailout as currently described in press reports. I recognize the complexity of the situation surrounding the Administration’s proposed bailout, but this simple bailout plan is unacceptable to me. Nonetheless, a compromise may make the agreement acceptable to me.

I suggest the adopted legislation include:

1) a return to sound money (gold works, but I’m not picky),

2) dramatically enhanced transparency at the Fed, and

3) prosecution of any potential crimes related to this mess.

Due to the ongoing discussions, I’ve cc’ed the House and Senate banking committee staffs. And finally, if you want further clarification, feel free to contact me or contact Representative Ron Paul. I’m confident that Congressman Paul would be happy to represent my concerns to you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tim White, CPA
(address & phone number included)

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