Monday, July 31, 2006

Others describing me

"I've known Tim for several years. He's an honest person who will work hard for our district and state." --Phil Reed, Prospect

"He's a man of integrity who does what he believes is best for all the people, not what is best for any special interests...He will do a great job for all three towns." --Joseph Dattilo, Cheshire

“Without question, no one on the Council has worked harder at listening to his constituents and bringing their concerns forward. A responsible fiscal conservative, he is an open-minded, independent thinker who makes his decisions without any political bias.” --Cheshire Herald endorsement, November 3, 2005

“It’s hard to find a politician who does more to reach out to his constituents” -- Waterbury Republican-American, February 2006

"Tim works hard and listens to the concerns of the voters. Most importantly, he will add a voice for fiscal restraint in Hartford." --Eric Gunther, Cheshire (formerly Bethany)

“The Council voted, at Tim White’s request, to ask the legislature to implement the $500. income tax credit for seniors.” -- Meriden Record-Journal, 5/27/05

“Tim White is tireless, sincere, dedicated, resourceful, and intelligent...” --George Benedetti, P.E., Bethany

“Tim White will work hard to keep down Connecticut’s cost of living and taxes.” --Tara Drummond, Prospect

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Truth

In the monthly July issue of the Prospect Pages (see "Tim White: Exposed") and the daily July 13 issue of the Waterbury Republican-American, there was a letter published that was signed by my opponent’s Cheshire campaign coordinator, Sandy Dudarevitch of Cheshire.

The following is my response to my opponent’s campaign. It was published in today’s (July 27) Waterbury Rep-Am.

Opponent's Attack in 89th Unwarranted

Dear Editor,

In her July 13 letter, "White's actions at GOP convention were deceitful," Sandy Dudarevitch made several false charges about the integrity of my supporters at the 89th House District Republican convention.

All rules were agreed to by consensus of the delegates. Janet Finneran, of Bethany, Chairwoman of the convention can confirm this. Jeffrey Garfield, the state Elections Enforcement Commission director, confirmed in writing to me that the agency did not comment on the convention, as Ms. Dudarevitch claimed.

Ms. Dudarevitch is my opponent’s coordinator. How sad that my opponent’s campaign has resorted to such specious nonsense.

I am focused on positive solutions for addressing the problems of high taxes, the cost of living, $3-a-gallon gasoline, energy prices, healthcare, problems of seniors and other issues, such as costly state mandates.

I welcome anyone with concerns about these or other issues to call me at home (203) 439-4394 or visit my blog

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89th)

And here is the text of the email that I got from the SEEC Executive Director, Jeffrey Garfield:

I have read both letters you forwarded me and have spoken to my legal staff. No one remembers ever speaking to Sandy, and our telephone logs do not show such an entry. My staff is very circumspect about commenting on anything that would fall outside our jurisdiction, and the process used in a nominating convention is governed by party rules, not state election law, and is therefore clearly not within our purview. I must therefore conclude that such a comment was not made by anyone here at the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

I hope this is responsive to your concern.

Jeff Garfield
July 14, 2006

Furthermore, I called Ms. Dudarevitch myself and asked her for the name of the SEEC employee she quoted in her letter. Ms. Dudarevitch told me that she did not get a name.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Come back tomorrow...

Make sure to check back tomorrow. I think my posting may be particularly interesting.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Voting in primaries

Here (Waterbury Rep-Am, by Chris Gardner) is an interesting article on voting in CTs primaries.

If you're unaware... if you want to vote in a party primary, you must be registered with that party to vote. And for CTs 2006 primary elections, that means you must be registered as either a Republican or a Democrat on Tuesday August 8. And you may not register with both parties.

If you are currently registered with a party (Repub, Dem, Green, Libertarian, Concerned Citizens, Working Families, etc.), then it is too late for you to register with another party and be eligible to vote on Tuesday August 8.

However, if you are registered as an unaffiliated voter (often referred to as "independent"), then you are eligible to register as either a Republican or a Democrat up until (I believe) noon on Monday August 7 and still vote in the following day's primary.

One interesting note for me, I had one person tell me that he and his wife were both unaffiliated voters. He then asked me how he could register for both the Democratic and Republican (to vote for me) primaries. I told him that he could only register (and vote) with one of the two parties. He said they would register as Republicans and vote for me... which was nice to hear. So, although the thought never crossed my mind... I'm having an indirect impact on the Lamont/Lieberman race. (I can't believe it will have a real impact though. I've been convinced for a while that Lamont is going to win on August 8. Although there are a good number of unaffiliated voters who are registering as Dems to vote for Lieberman. I believe their support is not yet measured in any polls. And another side note... I wonder which of the two gubernatorial candidates will be able to capitalize on the people turning out for the Senate race, yet have no serious interest in the Gubernatorial race and they will be walking into the voting booth still undecided on Destefano/Malloy?)

If you live in the 89th district and are unaffiliated, I strongly encourage you to register with a party... preferably the Republican party (just call your Town Hall... Richard Abbate in Cheshire at 271-6680) and, if you do... then I hope I can have your support on Tuesday August 8.

Tim White
State Representative candidate
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A contrast in campaigns

The Waterbury Republican-American did an article (by Lauresha Xhihani) about the campaigns of me and my opponent. I found the article interesting. It discusses the focus of the two campaigns. As always, my campaigning is focused on meeting people and listening to their concerns, making myself as available as possible.

Contrasted with that is my opponent's campaign which is portrayed as being focused on money and mailers.

I think anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about public service. It's about serving the public, not raising money. (And that includes offering the voters a debate, another topic of the article. And as I said before, anytime, anyplace. The voters deserve it.)

This article reminds me of another Waterbury Rep-Am article that ran a few months ago. "It's hard to find a politician who does more to reach out to his constituents than the Republican councilor for Cheshire's 4th District." Public service should not be about money (although I recognize it is part of the equation). It should be about listening to, and serving, the public.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

(if you pick up the Waterbury paper, the article is on page 1 of the "Greater Waterbury" section, below the fold.)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Anytime, anyplace

Debate Status

I've been clear all along -- I'm available to debate on just about any date, any time, day or night, at any place in the 89th district. I'm open to any format. You, the voters, deserve this debate.

Mr. Kergaravat has confirmed that he will not debate with me. This is extremely troubling.

You fully deserve a public debate between the two of us who are asking for your votes. You are entitled to know where he and I stand on the issues. I’ve been clear all along I’m available to debate, just about anytime and anyplace.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

(one final note: In response to my debate request last week, Mr. Kergaravat responded in writing "I will run my campaign as I see fit... I suggest that my opponent do the same.")

Friday, July 21, 2006

Letters to the editor

Positive, supportive letters to the editor that support me continue getting printed by the 8 or 9 newspapers that cover the 89th district. Here's a letter that was printed in today's Waterbury Rep-Am:

"Tim White Deserves GOP Nomination

Tim White, candidate in the 89th House District, needs votes from Republicans in Bethany, Cheshire and Prospect in the Aug 8 primary to win the nomination.

Having served three years on the Cheshire Town Council, he is the most experienced and knowledgable candidate. He has a record of government accountability and fiscal responsibility. For example, Cheshire expects to save $300,000 in next year's budget on energy projects, largely because of Tim's efforts.

On Aug 8, vote for this young, energetic councilman.

Bob Korten

Bob, thanks so much for your support. I really appreciate it. I'm not sure that the energy savings are largely because of me, but I certainly push hard for them. To me, between $3 gas and CL&P rate hikes, energy is probably the single biggest issue out there... driving CTs cost of living ever higher.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A farewell...

The Cheshire Town Council is losing someone. We're losing the Cheshire Herald reporter, Kristen Malinowski. I think she's always presented a fair and balanced report. Wherever you're headed... good luck!

Tim White
Town Council, 4th District

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Request for debate

I sent out this email to the Republican Town Committee members (Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect) and the press today (July 18).

To: Republican Town Committee members (Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect)
Cc: various media outlets

Dear fellow Republican Town Committee member,

At the Republican 89th district convention on May 16, I challenged my opponent, Roger Kergaravat, to a debate to which he agreed.

But for the last two months, while I and others have tried to arrange a debate, he never seems to be available on any week night, only on weekends when the town buildings are closed, effectively precluding the possibility of a debate.

I've been clear all along -- I'm available to debate on just about any date, any time, day or night, at any place in the 89th district. I'm open to any format. I've provided him with every opportunity to debate.

After months of his rebuffing my attempts, I emailed him the letter (below) on July 8, asking him to arrange a debate. He did not respond. I finally called his house and left a message on July 15. Again, no response.

It's now obvious that Mr. Kergaravat is actively avoiding a debate with me, for reasons I could only conjecture. This is extremely troubling.

Republican voters absolutely deserve a public debate between the two primary candidates who are asking for their votes. The voters are entitled to know where he and I stand on the issues.

What will we do about taxes, costs of living, costs of gas and energy? Where do we stand on healthcare, prescription drugs, workman's comp and various costly state mandates, such as binding arbitration? How do we address unemployment, corruption, education, and problems of seniors? Which of us will be most electable in November against an entrenched incumbent? Who will most effectively represent our towns in Hartford? You, the voters, have a right to this debate. We, the candidates, have an obligation to give you this debate.

I've been most anxious, earnest, and flexible in trying to bring you this debate. My opponent has not been so earnest or flexible.

I strongly believe that a public debate between the two Republican candidates for the 89th seat can actually STRENGTHEN the party. I disagree with those who say that this primary disunites or weakens the party.

By testing both candidates, by making both candidates publicly address issues and campaign early in the process, the eventual primary winner can be strengthened going into the final election.

I intend to fully support the winner of the 89th Republican primary. Either one of us will be better than the entrenched incumbent. I believe that I'm the more effective, electable Republican candidate. So let's debate. Let Roger and I flush out the issues in front of you, then you decide.

I'm now appealing to you, members of the Bethany, Cheshire, and Prospect Republican Town Committees. I'm asking you to urge my opponent, Mr. Kergaravat, to step up to the plate and make himself available to debate as soon as possible. Whether you already support him, or support me, or are undecided, I hope you agree that WE NEED TO HAVE THIS DEBATE.

Again, I'm available on just about any date, any time, at any place in the 89th district. I'm open to any format. If Roger is most comfortable meeting in the Prospect Dairy Bar on a Saturday morning, I'll be there. I welcome anything you can do to bring him to the podium. The real winners of our debate will be the Republican Party and the voters of the 89th district.

Very sincerely yours,

Candidate for State Representative (R-89th)
member: Cheshire Town Council, and Cheshire RTC.

And here's the email that I sent to him on July 8, followed up by a phone call (and voicemail) that I made to him on July 15.


Following the May 16th Republican convention for the 89th district, I suggested to you that we debate and you agreed. You then asked me to setup the debate and I agreed.

Since then, the League of Women Voters, at my request, has tried to set up a debate. However, due to a number of reasons, especially your lack of availability, the LWV has not been able to schedule a debate.

So now I ask you, would you be willing to set up a debate? Perhaps it would be easier for you to schedule a debate in Prospect. Obviously, it would need to be done through some independent party. That way the voters would have confidence in the impartiality of the debate organizers.

And obviously, we won't be able to debate on our respective Council nights. But I am otherwise available for a debate just about anytime, day or night, in any town in the 89th district. I'd hope you feel the same way since you’re asking the voters for their support. Can we please firm up a time and place within a week? I look forward to hearing from you.

Tim White

Three weeks away...

Primary Day (August 8) is only three weeks away. Like the midsummer weather, I have a feeling that the 89th Republican primay is going to heat up.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Monday, July 17, 2006

Campaign Fundraising

The July campaign fundraising reports have been filed with the Secretary of the State. I raised a whopping $1461. That's includes $1211 from me (as a loan, in case I ever decide to raise money) and $250 from my dad.

This particular issue is one of my biggest gripes with politics today... the undue influence that (without a doubt) goes with some of the campaign contributions (look no further than Jack Abramoff), particularly those from lobbyists. I recognize that "getting out a message" can cost money to a certain extent. But I have a real problem with people who focus on raising money to send out their mailers, all the while not really listening to the voters.

Nonetheless, I have had quite a few people offer to donate to my campaign. I'm just not sure that I want to do much fundraising yet. Although, if I get through my primary, I will definitely start asking for money.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Saturday, July 15, 2006

$$ wasted on Route 42

The NH Register (by Luther Turmelle) ran an article yesterday on the Rte 42 repaving project (Local section, p. 2) . The article mentions that nearby residents are upset about parts of the project. The reason is that a stretch of N. Brooksvale is being repaved... and it's the same stretch that was repaved fewer than four years ago and is slated to be completely reconstructed within two years. Hence... why spend the money on repaving that stretch now?

Some of Rte 42 is appropriately being repaved right now. But a significant stretch (probably more than 500 feet, out of more than a mile) is being unnecessarily repaved. It's just another example of our wasted tax dollars.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Friday, July 14, 2006

Nat'l GOP trouble?

With polls showing Republicans looking like they're headed for trouble this fall (AP, by Donna Cassata), if much of the discontent relates to Iraq... it may not be only bad news for the GOP. Joe Lieberman is not the only pro-war Democrat.

Unlikely though the possibility may be, Hillary may also end up with some problems of her own (AP, by Marc Humbert) with a Democrat coming at her from the anti-war left.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rell & Gallo weigh-in

What was only blogosphere chatter last night, is "real news" today. Schlesinger is being pressured to drop out (Courant, by Mark Pazniokas). Governor Rell & GOP Chairman George Gallo are urging the Alan Schlesinger to "reconsider" his Senate candidacy. Schlesinger says he won't do it, but I have to wonder. I'm not sure who would run in his place. But I imagine that there are several Republicans who would consider running in a three way race.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Shays won't quit

I respect someone with persistence. And neither Chris Shays, nor his campaign finance reform counterpart in the House, Marty Meehan, will give up. Good for both of you! As this article (AP, by Jim Kuhnhenn) describes, some of this is very technical. But there is a general principle... that elections should not be about money. Bravo, Congressman Shays!

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Basking in the glory

Despite being able to Reverse the Curse, I still have little faith in my Red Sox. So I want to take this opportunity to point out that they are up by 3.0 games right now. Unfortunately, it's the All-Star break. So this isn't all that surprising. But I just had to point out that things do look good... for now.

Tim White

Schlesinger to leave?

I'm not sure if this is true, but two separate blogs are reporting that pressure will be coming for the Republican nominee for US Senate to step down. The Hotline and CT Local Politics are discussing this possibility. And frankly, it doesn't surprise me. I don't know much about Alan Schlesinger (although I have met him and he seems like a nice guy), but I imagine that as soon as Joe Lieberman announced he may go Independent, there were people thinking about trying to get the Republican Senate nomination... feeling that it's winnable in a three way race. Heck, even a sitting Republican state rep has (from what I understand) announced her intention to run for the Senate seat. And if there is a Libertarian candidate and a Green candidate and a Working Families candidate... our Senate race may easily have 6 or 7 people on the ballot in November.

Tim White

Underage drinking

Cheshire's elected officials continue to make news (Courant, by Gregory Seay). The mother who allegedly threw a keg party for her underage son and his underage friends, has been jailed.

According to this Courant editorial, there is science behind the calls to end teenage drinking.

For info on underage drinking, visit I was told there will be some new helpline info getting posted there soon.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gas on the rise

Gas prices (Courant, by Mark Peters) are definitely one of the hottest topics for people to mention to me. And I agree with Chris Dodd on this point... if gas remains this expensive, incumbents will pay a price for it this November. I don't know that it will be huge numbers of voters, but there will be voters who simply want change.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Schools' K-9 patrol

Newtown's Board of Ed has authorized their Superintendent to write a policy that would allow the use of a drug sniffing dog in their schools (AP). I'm not sure where the Cheshire BOE stands on this, but I believe at least one member has mentioned this to me.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Friday, July 07, 2006

Open Forum 7/7

Lieberman v. Lamont happened last night. I caught a bit of it. And from what I saw, it seemed as though Joe did marginally better... mostly because of policy knowledge. Here's the take of the Republican-American (by Paul Hughes), the Courant (by Mark Pazniokas & Chris Keating) and the AP (by Susan Haigh).

Looking for some hiking trails in Cheshire? Check out some of the town's open space (Cheshire Herald, by Kristen Malinowski).

The CHS roof project (Cheshire Herald, by Shannon Becker) is underway. It was delayed a year, but is finally happening. And to think that this project may very well have been done quite easily, if we had simply done a proper coring (sp??) sample of the roof back in Summer '04. Oh well. That's neither here nor there.

For a team that just won 12 in a row, the Sox sure let the Rays beat'em up this week. As usual, thank goodness for Big Papi.

Word of the day: codependency. It's a disease where people get into bad, hurtful relationships, and never get out. It seems to impact far too many people.

Anything else happening?

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Several US Senators are coming to CT to stump for Joe (AP, by Andrew Miga). And while I have no problem with that, it does reinforce my feeling that the US Senate is basically interested in maintaining comity. The Super 100 don't like newcomers. They like to keep their club closed. And they (along with many other political bodies) will do whatever they can to return incumbents to office... damn conservative or liberal values. Incumbency is what is important.

And this blog isn't intended to reflect poorly on our Senator. It's intended to reflect poorly on the body politik. And it's why I respect Senators Tom Coburn and Russ Feingold. They're clearly not in DC to make other Senators happy.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Who will win the debate?

I'm not sure how it will go. But at this point, I'm assuming that Lamont will be able to talk issues. I think Ned needs to avoid the details in the debate, else Joe will clobber him. Lieberman is good. I remember walking away from the 2000 VP debate thinking he knew his stuff. Joe just has way too many years of experience for Lamont to be able to compete on the details. But if Ned manages to stay high level (anyone know the time limits on responses? Longer is better for Joe.), he may hold his ground.

As for who will win the debate, if Lieberman brings his game tomorrow... including one of his most powerful weapons... the standup comedy routine... he wins. I've heard our junior Senator too many times on Imus. He always has a one-liner ready. And that's tough to beat. I realize that has absolutely nothing to do with substance, but I wouldn't be surprised if his standup routine makes a difference tomorrow (for November). Of course, that's contingent upon Joe keeping his composure. But this can't be anything next to the VP debate. Although, regardless of what happens at the debate tomorrow, I still think Lamont wins in August. While this primary has to do with lots of issues, it got traction because of Iraq. And within the Democratic party, supporting most of our recent wars is going to be a loser.


And just thinking about this now... I bet Lieberman concedes tomorrow's debate. That is, I bet he speaks only slightly liberal... assuring moderate dems that he is a liberal and a dem, but not an "extremist." At the same time, he makes Lamont out to be the "extremist" that neither moderate dems, nor independents can support. Hence, tomorrow's debate becomes a showcase for Joe for November. (Please understand... I really don't know anything about Lamont... I'm just talking about the politics, not the policy. And Joe is a master politician, even if he's gone too far this time within his own party. Heck, imagine if he wins as an independent... Then John McCain gets the Republican nod in '08 and picks Joe as his running mate. Is it really that far-fetched? McCain would just about guarantee himself the Presidency with a duly elected Independent Senator as his running mate... Joementum may yet be POTUS.)

Tim White

Senator Schlesinger?

While Joe is grabbing all the headlines and Ned is putting up all the lawn signs, Alan Schlesinger is quietly doing his thing (Courant, by Brian Lockhart). Alan's plan makes sense: win a plurality. And that's certainly possible in a 3-way race.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

230 years and counting. It's truly amazing what our Founding Fathers created. The Declaration of Independence included some of the most moving words ever written. For me, I think the most powerful are in the last sentence.

"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

- The Declaration of Independence

And for a CT-related history of the Declaration, check out CT Local Politics, then scroll up. It's a short, but very interesting, account of CT and America's "First President."

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Monday, July 03, 2006

(I) is for Independent

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman is going independent. From what I can tell, the Courant (by Mark Pazniokas) broke the news. This really doesn't surprise me though. I think Joe can win in November, but would lose in August.

Tim White

Lamont v Lieberman

They have a debate scheduled for (NH Register, by George Hladky) this Thursday @ 7pm. I may watch it. I am curious about it, although I have no say in their primary. I think the most interesting thing though is by reading the national and international news media, it seems as though all eyes are focused on CT... (oh wait... that must be due to the Republican primary in the 89th district, right? haha.)

According this article (AP, by Susan Haigh), the Nedhead bloggers are really giving their man a boost.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Saturday, July 01, 2006

NJ gov't shutdown

New Jersey's Governor Jon Corzine has decided to shutdown the NJ state government. Sounds to me like a repeat of Lowell Weicker's summer of... was it 1993?

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect

Kelo loses

Eminent domain is here to stay. Susette Kelo agreed to move (AP, by Susan Haigh). It's too bad. I'm sure there are lots of reasons that led to this, but I think one simple fix is possible: a new law banning the use of eminent domain, unless the property will be for public use... not private use.

Tim White
State Representative candidate (R-89)
Bethany, Cheshire & Prospect