Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Energy & Sustainability forum - Thurs 7pm - Town Hall

The Energy Commission sponsored forum on "Energy & Sustainability" is tomorrow night at 7pm in Town Hall.

Discussion will be offered by:

1) CRRA – Paul Nonnenmacher will explain their “waste to energy” plants and the value of recycling compared to turning it into electricity
2) Friends of Boulder Knoll – Dr. Bob Giddings will discuss composting and gardening as a way to recycle and avoid using “transportation energy.”
3) 1,000 Friends of CT – Sue Merrow will speak for this not-for-profit that advocates smart growth policies in CT.

I'm guessing the turnout will be relatively low, but Council Chair Matt Hall has been kind enough to ensure the forum will be televised. I'm confident lots of people will watch it on The Henry Channel - Cox channel 14. Furthermore, I'm guessing he may play it this weekend because as I understand it... last night's taping at the Senior Center encountered technical difficulties that may make it impossible to rebroadcast.

Tim White

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