Monday, August 18, 2008

W2E vs biomass

In my efforts to organize a third energy forum (Energy & Sustainability), I spoke with CRRA.

While speaking, I referred to their facility as a biomass facility.

I was wrong. They don't have a biomass facility.

Apparently, there's a difference between a biomass facility and a "waste to energy" facility (W2E). A biomass facility converts only biodegradable material to energy. On the other hand, our plant converts any / all trash to electricity.

That was news to me.

And about a forum on "Energy & Sustainability," I've gotten a tentative date of Thursday September 11 and am hoping to have speakers on three topics:

1) CRRA - trash to energy and recycling of waste (using gasoline to transport waste to a facility)

2) composting (not using gasoline to transport waste to a facility) & gardening

3) 1,000 Friends of CT - smart growth (reducing gasoline use for many, many common errands)

I have a group in mind for composting / gardening (and you could probably guess who), but I want to confirm with them first. And I also thank Elizabeth Esty for suggesting 1,000 Friends.

Tim White

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