Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Outstanding items as of Oct 1 (hWg 41)

Per town staff, the following items are outstanding:

1. Insulation of about 15 lineal feet of piping. This is the last actual physical work that WB will be doing directly.
2. Final water distribution balancing will be done by sub this week, report to follow.
3. Buderus rep to issue certification and provide warranty.
4. Riello rep to fire up two remaining burners (Wed) and get the other two boilers on line, and provide certification.
5. As-Built drawings.
6. Training for Education Dept Staff.

Presumably these items will be discussed at tomorrow's PBC meeting (Wed Oct 1). Hope you can attend. And remember:

"Light and liberty go together." - Thomas Jefferson to Tench Coxe, 1795

No word on whether deadlines have any relevance to this project. Regardless, I'm sure:Tim White

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