Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Green Harold Burbank for CT-5

Buried deep in an old post, we got the following comment today:

Hello. I am Harold Burbank, CT Green Party candidate for US House. Yesterday the CT League of Women Voters barred all CT Green Party US House candidates from their debates. We want to enter (v. Murphy and Cappiello in my case). Please call CT League of Women Voters at Hamden, 203-288-7996, to demand entry of CT Green Party US House candidates in League of Women Voters debates.

Thank you,
Harold Burbank
Burbank for Congress '08
CT Green Party, 5th Dist.

I called both Harold (his number is on his website here) and the LOWV tonight. However, I didn't get an answer at either number. So I haven't confirmed this yet. But frankly, the exclusion of non-major parties just seems to be par for the course. So I figured I'd mention even before confirming.

IMO, there simply should be more debates on more issues for all offices. That way there wouldn't be any bogus claims of limited time for candidates to express their views... just engage on a weekly basis. With Congress, but even moreso with the POTUS... don't the people deserve to hear lots of views on lots of issues?

I don't think it's too much to ask. I think it's more a matter of candidates wanting to avoid inadvertently giving candid answers on "tough" questions.

I think Harold is the only non-major party candidate in the fifth district. If I'm correct, I seriously hope he gets invited to participate in all the debates that are already scheduled between Chris Murphy and Dave Cappiello.

Tim White


Harold Burbank said...

Thanks Tim. Sorry I missed your call. Please advise all friends to call CT League of Women Voters,203-288-7998, to demand that all US House candidates who will appear on the ballot (me) be included in all League debates.

I will file an FCC complaint today that the League and any regulated media covering these debates are violating voter and minor party First Amendment Rights by designing them to exclude minor parties where they will be appearing on the ballot (me).

I would be happy to address Cheshire and other voters in the Fifth District at any time on this and other issues in person. Please call me at 860-693-2687 for scheduling.

Thank you for your interest in my campaign.


Attorney Harold H. Burbank, II
Burbank for Congress '08
CT Green Party, 5th Dist.
Canton, CT

Anonymous said...

There is also an independent candidate in the 5th District, Tom Winn: www.winnforcongress.com