Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Southington and the north end development

The MRJs Leslie Hutchison reports on Southington's approach to the mall:

While the town can't influence the size and scope of the development, it can play a role in the approval process of several state agencies.

"The town will have great power and a great voice," said Director of Public Works Anthony Tranquillo. He said his department will be involved with reviews by the state Department of Environmental Protection and the State Traffic Commission as well as the federal Army Corps of Engineers.

"I don't see this development as imminent," Tranquillo said. "It will be at least a year before they break ground."

Anyone know if the PZC voted to increase the "5 acre" development rule?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

In all that I have seen, no discussion regarding the town requirements of the developer can be found. It has occured in many other communities that when a developer arrives the community requires additional road work, sidewalks, etc. Why are we not discussing the construction of a new fire house on the north end. The facility would be enough to house a few apparatus and could be paid for by the developer. Make it a self sustainable facility with solar, or something.

Anonymous said...

Read this relevant story in the wsj:

Mall Glut to Clog Market for Years
Scarce Shoppers,
Lack of Tenants
Ding Developers


I am all for the mall being built - But, the economics simply don't work, and the developer will be hard pressed to make the numbers work when they can't lure tenants.

I believe this project will go the way of Apple Valley Mall. Which is a shame because Cheshire needs to and should develop the interchange - which thoughtful people can debate.

I think the deal is dead except for the official announcement.

Anonymous said...

“We aren’t discussing … the new firehouse …” is missing the point.

This development was not approved for the benefit of all those hard working folks who call this town home. This mall is going forward to please and enrich those very few who own the land on which it is to be built. Once they get the cash their interest in this town will no longer be what it was. So, the town now needs a new fire house and police station because of this proposed mall. It’s not factored into the sale price of the land but it will be factored into everyone’s annual property tax bill.

Maybe waiting another 5 or 10 years for some desirable industrial or commercial enterprise would have been in the overall best financial interest of the majority of residents. It’s too late now though.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how one town is concerned about traffic and flooding while one is not.

Anonymous said...

"desirable industrial or commercial enterprise"

It's Apple Valley all over again. The local boys thought they would make a fast killing, but it looks like they will have to cool their heels or something. In the meantime, the assessor's office should assess all the land in the interchange zone according to the new zoning. Remember, the land on which the new CVS is on, cost CVS over a million.

It's a real joke, retail and housing are both in the toilet and only commercial/industrial has a chance of expanding, but now the ideal land for that is not now compatible with the new zoning.

It's still hard to believe that the Town Council, Planning and Zoning, as well as a number of other commissions and town officials pushed this through without any consideration to the serious negative results these zoning changes would have on the environment, actual cost to the taxpayers and the negative impact on the character of the town. Why do our government officials think more about the interests of a few to the detriment of everyone else? This town is simply an ATM for the few special people in town.

And, it would be crazy for P&Z to change the requirement that only 5 acres can be excavated at a time.

Anonymous said...

why is it council is not looking at the "entire picture" regarding this development. A new fire station should be required. It is funny how things work in this town - CVS constructs a new facility in a great location, but PZ rejects other oppertunities in town regarding development on route 10 because of traffic. If you live here you know that the traffic is during rush hour in the morning and evening only. Is route 10 always busy...... the only way that our taxes will be relieved is if we allow commercial in town......