Monday, September 08, 2008

Performance contracting takes "too much time"

Excerpted from the US Department of Energy's website:

August 4, 2008

“One year ago, Secretary Bodman challenged the entire U.S. Department of Energy to meet or exceed the President’s goals for increasing energy efficiency, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing the use of renewable energy in the Federal Government,” Deputy Assistant Secretary David Rodgers said. “I’m proud to announce DOE is delivering with alternative financing methods that reduce the need for federal spending.”

U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman launched the TEAM initiative August 8, 2007, in response to the President’s goal of improving the energy performance of the federal government. President Bush’s goals included substantially increasing the use of efficiency and renewable energy technologies, adopting sustainable design practices, and reducing petroleum use in federal fleets.

But everyone knows the federal government has a reputation for acting with speed and it is known in business circles for its ability to pivot on a dime.

Just because the federal government can make something happen... well... that doesn't mean Cheshire Town Government can or should be held to the same standard, right?

But on a serious note... anybody see today's WRA writeup on PC in Cheshire? Any comments?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

The WRA article on the topic was interesting. Town residents would benefit now by knowing just how much the town actually spends on fuel by fuel type for heating and vehicles as well as electricity for lights, heating and air conditioning. Fuel costs are just one part of it though and the cost for maintenance of systems using various forms of energy should be added in. It was amazing that this somewhat simple set of numbers escaped the scrutiny of the newspaper article. Could it be that these numbers are not at the fingertips of our town manager and the council? Oh, I forgot, the town pool goes through maybe 300 or 400 thousand a year now but what about all the other town buildings?

Maybe if the town does not want to hire an energy auditing firm it could direct its town manager to provide a quarterly summary to the local newspapers of all energy expenses incurred by town government each quarter. To make it interesting the quarterly report could summarize the energy service providers by name and amounts paid.

Anonymous said...

Did the town lose any money when F&S went belly up?

Anonymous said...

can you post the link to the article please?