Saturday, February 05, 2011

My dad's visit saw almost no violence

The week has come and gone and my dad has returned to the land of stars'n'stripes safely. He was here in Jeremie this week and had a memorable time. Best part of all, even though there was an election announcement on Wednesday, there was almost no violence while he was here. No "bling, bang," per se. Well... at least not until last night. We were sitting at the kitchen table when we heard the pop-pop-pop... pop. I looked at my dad and said, "yup, I'm pretty sure that was a gun... next door." And my dad said "it was a 9mm." Fun, fun.

As for me, I've been buried at work. But I expect my dad will elaborate on his adventures.

Oh... and there was one other notable highlight. As my dad arrived in Port-au-Prince, his group saw Hillary's State Department jet. It was Sunday. The election results were announced on Wednesday. Hmmm... I wonder if Hillary was discussing the results before the announcement? No doubt. And I'm sure Obama is wishing he had the same influence in Egypt. Which reminds me of one of my beliefs about US foreign policy... we should mind our own business and stop meddling in other people's affairs.

Tim White

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Offical election results forthcoming...

You know in America it's "bling, bling", but out here it's "bling, bang". - Danny Archer (Leonardo Decaprio) to Maddy Bowen (my future wife, Jennifer Connelly) in the 2006 film Blood Diamond

The first round of Haiti's Presidential election was on November 28. When the first round's "preliminary" results were announced in mid-December, even sleepy Jeremie saw borderline rioting and general chaos. It's been quiet since I returned in early January, but the official results will be announced tomorrow.

I'm hoping the Electoral Council's announcement isn't setting a match to this tinderbox.

Tim White