Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DeCaprio's Mixville meeting

Laura DeCaprio's Mixville meeting went well tonight. The discussion continued, but some questions were answered. The next step is getting staff (Parks, Police & Public Works) to a meeting or two. Then they can explain their concerns / approach in their own words. Laura has not yet determined a meeting date, but I plan to keep you posted.

Overall, I think Laura's doing really well with this and have high hopes for improvements.

Additionally, state Rep. Al Adinolfi was kind enough to attend. Though Mixville is a local park, it's in the 103rd and he's always happy to look for ways to help.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

We are so lucky to have Al as our state representative. He truly cares about the communities that he represents and works hard to help wherever he can.

Some politicians can talk a good game, but it what they actually do that counts and Al get's it done.

Thanks Al

Breachway said...

Sure Tim...maybe Uncle Al can pony up another 500k to turf Mixville.....if you are a rep of the taxpayers and haven't spoken up against "ear marks" like this...then you aren't doing your job. You have to do the right thing even if its not popular. I can see it now....Cheshire gets new 600k grant for new parking lot at Mixville....taxpayers to pick up additonal costs.....

Anonymous said...


I don't think it was Al that got the turf money. I'm sure it was Mary Fritz.

It's nice that Al takes an interest in Mixville. I just don't know why your so negative over Al taking the time to hear some of the the thoughts that other Cheshire residents have, besides Al does live in this town.

Did you take the time to go to Mixville?

tim white said...

Breach... I love guys like Coburn in DC, but I'm far from perfect.

The turf was a recent vote, but (off the top of my head) in the past I voted for the skate park and the playground at Doolittle... both nice, but I wouldn't call them necessary.

But about Al, despite what his reputation may be... Al said last night that he also wanted to help by contacting Blumenthal about Mixville. And when Laura mentioned I-84, Al offered some comments on his efforts. And IMO, that's him doing his job well.

Again though, I understand your point.