Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shelton 35, Cheshire 34

Reported by the WRA:

A conversion kick by Jamal Mitchell in overtime was the difference as No. 8 Shelton defeated Cheshire on Thursday afternoon in a Southern Connecticut Conference game in Cheshire.

Tim White


Breachway said...

We probably would have won if we had a nice turf field.

Anonymous said...

Both teams played on the same field.

Anonymous said...

Ya but we are CHESHIRE...we deserve a turf field....get with it

Anonymous said...

In the Herald of 9/25 you've got the P & R director praising the use of organic treatments for the town fields - his quote - "With so many people using fields, many of them children, it felt good to know that they weren't being coated over with chemicals. We want to have the fields be a lot healthier, and it makes us feel better to be putting down organic rather than synthetic products."

Then on the previous page you've got the fake turf committee saying they're ready to put aside any safety concerns and move on with the turf at CHS. Of course it's just the AD and coaches that are saying that - at least one person, DeVylder, seems to have some sense and still is concerned about the risks associated with turf. The committee seems to be relying on info from two individuals who deal directly w/installation of turf fields - a rep from one of the turf manufacturers and McDermott, who's w/Milone & McBroom and has helped install fake fields over the past 10 years. Gee, is it any wonder that these two would give the OK on the safety topic? Behrer asks McDermott what he thinks about the safety of fake turf and McDermott responds, "I feel that, at the moment, the RISK is pretty low."

Notice he still uses the word "RISK" - and remember that Florio said, "We will not ever put our students at RISK."

When you only consult those who manufacture and help install turf fields, you'll get exactly the information you want.

The turf committee is totally ignoring all the information out there that clearly indicates the real risks involved with turf fields. They're down playing all these risks just to move their pet project along. They should be relying on groups like EHHI from North Haven for the actual facts on safety concerns. They should wait until a proper study has been done as Blumenthal emphasized in his press release.

This fake turf committee is exactly that - fake!

tim white said...

A week or two ago, I spoke with a member of turf committee. In discussing the turf, I was told (paraphrasing) that they needed certain people to speak before the committee. That way the committee could "substantiate" its goal.

The comment was shocking in its candor. But in retrospect, everyone knows its a big charade... similar to all these Congressmen and their concern for "Main Street."


If they're concerned about "the little guy," then why are they about to prohibit foreclosures for people who happen to be driving Porsches and living in mansions on Main Street?

House members and 33 Senators care about reelection. And the other 67 Senators only care about maintaining "high approval ratings."

2006 didn't finish cleaning house. Starting with Ted Stevens, I hope a whole bunch more get booted in six weeks.

Breachway said...

The Cheshire Herald article was a bit scary. Not so much about the safety of the turf, which I think is a problem, but what's scary is how this reminds me of the pool. People making big decisions who either haver no professional backround in the business or who have a stake in the decision....Altieri, the AD, youth football rep, a company that installs fields, Milone & McBroom who will probably get some sort of contract out of this .....give me a break....this is shaping up as a sham and I am disappointed. My daughter would benefit from the new turf field(and probably a new track that will have to be replaced) but i think the tax payers need a fair look at this. With the health issues being unknown at best, I don't see how they do the job. I do think that they should move on to other issues pertaining to the turf grant and keep the health aspect open for debate...lets get a $$$ value of the whole project, maintenance etc....For me I can't get over the fact that the state is ponying up this cash...

Anonymous said...

Money for a new track is in the 5 year capital budget which is just an indication that this new turf is going to be passed through regardless of the obvious risks.

I don't know that your daughter will benefit from the new turf - it may be more of a curse than a benefit for all the students.