Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Benefits of performance contracting for DOE

In previous posts, I offered the US Department of Energy's insights on the benefits of performance contracting. Here's a bit more of the DOE analysis:

DOE partnered with private Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to conduct energy system evaluations at all major DOE sites and to devise strategies for improving performance. ESPCs are unique contracting vehicles that allow agencies to complete necessary energy savings projects for their facilities. Under these contract vehicles, ESCOs and utilities provide the private financing required for equipment purchases and systems enhancements and ESCOs are subsequently repaid from energy cost savings resulting from improved energy efficiency.

Seems pretty straigtforward to me. But for further clarification, check out tomorrow's MRJ. There may be more on the confluence of performance contracting and the delay in the CHS air conditioning installation and heating retrofit.

Tim White

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