Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Energy & Sustainability video

Here is the video from the forum last Thursday on "Energy and Sustainability." Another thanks again to the speakers:

Paul Nonnenmacher of the quasi-governmental CRRA
Sue Merrow of the not-for-profit 1,000 Friends of CT
Dr. Bob Giddings a member of the not-for-profit Friends of Boulder Knoll

Tim White


Anonymous said...

How pathetic to hold energy and sustainability forums while watching the proposed high school HVAC renovation hatch and run "the Cheshire course". Part of what makes Ron Paul attractive is not only his knowledge but his propensity to point out, in his own demeanor, hypocrisy with regard to fiscal policy. Take a cue.

tim white said...

I think I'm missing something. You seem to suggest that I messed up the CHS air conditioning installation? Is that what you're saying?

Anonymous said...

You cannot talk about alternative energy and sustainable sources as if you wish to engage the issue and then as soon as the opportunity arises at CHS the hired consulting engineer dismisses the topic in 2 paragraphs. BOOYA!