Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CHS air conditioning installation vote - 3/27/08

A couple days ago, I gave my recollection of the timeframe leading up to the delay in the CHS air conditioning installation and heating retrofit. Yesterday, I offered the video on the August 28, 2007 Promise to Consider PC and the March 11, 2008 opening discussion on waiving the architect selection process.

On March 11, the motion got tabled. Here's the hour long video of the March 27 meeting when the Council further deliberated and voted on this project that began as the CHS heating retrofit... but ultimately became the CHS air conditioning installation and heating retrofit:
Tim White


Anonymous said...

With the retrofit - the council approved 1.5 Million. What is expected for this cost?

Anonymous said...

So WTF happened here? They asked for a waiver on the architect so the design could go to referendum. Now at the last minute they pull the deal from the capital budget. Why was it pulled? The mechanical architect; Salamone & Assoc. has done work for the Cheshire and the school system for years. One reason given to waiver was they wanted to use Salamone & Assoc because of their familiarity with Cheshire High School.

This entire process smells bad

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is that McKinney says the council directs the PBC as to what the job entails. If the council told them that it was just for a new or upgraded heating system how is it that it turns into a new heat and a/c system? Apparently the costs are now beyond what was originally planned. Shouldn't these changes come back to the council before they are just assumed to be part of the final plan?
Personally, I don't think the high school needs a/'s just going to increase costs over the long run.
And it seems like the PBC should have had Salamone give more information on the micro turbine performance contracting. Someone dropped the ball on that one and it will cost Cheshire taxpayers big time. The current council needs to lead the PBC..not the other way around.