Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ironman on the BP / Rahm relationship

Ironman has drawn an interesting connection between BP and the White House. Many of the dots had been previously connected (i.e. Rahm to Rosa), but I didn't know the Greenberg to BP connection. Now I see emblazoned on the Greenberg Quinlan Rosner website is both their work for BP and this quote attributed to the Financial Times:

"The party's most prominent pollster"

Tim White

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Scenes from the wreath-laying ceremony 2010

Today's wreath-laying ceremony was well attended. Here are pix and vids I took.

First up was a Marine (and BOE Chairman) Gerry Brittingham:

A CHS student did a beautiful rendition of America the Beautiful:

And the Commander of VFW Post 10052, John White, offered some comments on the purpose of Memorial Day:

A couple shots of the event, including the wreath-laying:

My dad speaking:After the event, I had a chance to speak with Elizabeth and thank her for speaking the truth about the actions of our so-called leaders in Hartford:And here's a picture of the flags - one for each of the fallen soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq:

Tim White

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheshire's VFW Commander on the Forgotten War

My dad, John White, is the Commander of VFW Post 10052. And in this clip he also represents Cheshire's Army - Air Force Round Table as he commemorates The Korean War... The Forgotten War:

The annual wreath-laying ceremony is scheduled for:

Date: Saturday, May 29, 2010
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Cheshire Town Green

And of course, the Memorial Day parade is scheduled for Sunday.

Tim White

3 sworn officers gone in the past month?

I understand that the CPD has now lost three sworn officers in the past month. Can anyone confirm this?

Tim White

Which costs more: summer-only or structure?

The Herald's Josh Morgan and the WRAs Lauresha Xhihani both covered the public hearing on the pool.

From the Herald:

Others inquired about the possibility of making the pool a summer-only facility and the costs of such an operation. According to members on the pool subcommittee, a summer only facility would actually cost more money to run than utilizing the OpenAire structure. The lost revenue for being closed eight months out of the year, winterization of the pool and extra money the swim teams would have to pay to rent other facilities would result in approximately $100,000 more annually, the committee stated.

The committee put in a lot of effort on this. I appreciate their efforts and am glad that we now have an opportunity to move past the bubble. But there's a flaw in the assertion that a summer-only facility would cost more than a pool structure:

It's based on staff's fuzzy math.

Sure, it's entirely possible that a new structure would generate more users - increasing revenue and reducing the drain on taxpayers. And I think the committee offered reasonable revenue projections. But the notion that all of staff's hypothetical expenses related to a summer-only facility must be covered is nonsense. And it's those "necessary" expenses that are used to justify a summer-only facility costing more than the proposed structure.

Tim White

Pool goes to PZC

My understanding is that the pool structure is now headed to PZC for an 8-24 vote. I'm not sure what would happen if they rejected it. I'm assuming the project would die.

Tim White

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Financial regulatory reform: And the winner is...

Wondering who the big winner is... in the financial regulatory reform being advocated by America's leading opponents of good government - Obama / Dodd / Frank ?

Here's an insightful quote from the HuffPost's founder, Arianna. She leads from one small part of the reform package - that was killed with Republican objections - to a much uglier reality of how Washington works:

Objections that were, no doubt, the end product of the mother of all lobbying campaigns by every sector of the financial industry. Of course, the line between Senator, staffer and lobbyist is pretty blurry these days. A joint report released by SEIU, the Campaign for America's Future, and the Public Accountability Initiative found that the finance industry has 70 former members of Congress and 940 former federal employees on its lobbying payroll. This includes 33 chiefs of staff, 54 staffers of the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Banking Committee (or of a current member of those committees), and 28 legislative directors. Five of Senate Banking Committee chair Chris Dodd's former staffers are now working as banking lobbyists, as are eight former staffers for Banking Committee powerhouses Richard Shelby and Chuck Schumer.

It's the revolving door.

Shocking, huh?

They all need to go. I'm thrilled to see so many career pols either fleeing (Dodd, Bayh, Obey) or losing (Bennett, Specter, Holloman).

Tim White

Turmelle on the public hearing on the pool structure

The NHRs Luther Turmelle gave his take on the public hearing on a pool structure.

Tim White

Vote to send the pool structure to referendum

Tonight the Council voted to send the $7,068,000 pool enclosure to referendum. My previous count was fairly accurate. But now you can count Ecke and Ruocco as supporting the occurence of a referendum with the vote passing 7 to 1 (Adinolfi opposed, Falvey absent).

There was a lot of talk about saving money, but ultimately it'll still cost more money than a summer-only facility IMO.

If you saw my comments tonight, I apologize for any confusion I created. I think I failed to properly articulate my question about the structure's ROI. I'll watch the video, but I think I was vague. I had long ago decided the bubble was no longer an option. So when I asked about the "payback" on the structure, the answer I got was 8 to 9 years. BUT that was juxtaposing the structure with the bubble.

My bad. I should have been more clear in framing the structure against a summer-only facility.

I simply don't accept the numbers put forth by the Administration. Keep in mind that aside from the whole pool discussion, I've been very open about my opinion that the Administration is highly political - not objective - and is known to advocate more taxes. This Administration is comfortable passively pushing its own political agenda.

So I disregard those summer-only pool subsidy numbers. Instead, I see two options:

1) the more expensive year-round pool with structure; or
2) the less expensive summer-only pool with no bubble.

And since no articles are posted online yet, please add links when they're available tomorrow. Also, since I've had people tell me they want to vote on the pool - both in favor and against - I wanted to send it to referendum. But I'm not planning on supporting this in the ballot box.

Tim White

Monday, May 24, 2010

Council Planning Committee agenda - May 24

Here's the agenda for tonight's Planning Committee agenda:Jimmy Sima has a lot on his plate... and he's agreed to help me with something that I've wanted to see happen for years.

After the Energy Commission meeting adjourned, I attended part of the Planning meeting. There was talk of a 150' to 180' cell tower going at the sewer treatment plant. The options discussed for prettying up the tower were:

1) one of those silly looking pine trees they have down on the Merrit / Hutch; and

2) a big flag pole... problem with that is the flag is ginormous... and it'd need to stay up 24 hours and lighted and it wears out quickly.

I understand the barn will probably be demolished.

Tim White

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Public hearing and Council vote on the pool

On Tuesday night the Council will first hold a public hearing, then vote on sending the $7,068,000 price structure to referendum.

I expect the Council to send the pool to referendum. Here's my tally on
where Council members stand on the pool referendum

Tim White

Turmelle on the BOEs adopted 10/11 school budget

The NHRs Luther Turmelle has this piece on the BOEs 2010 / 2011 adopted school budget:

The budget approved by the board includes funds for three teaching positions that Florio had originally proposed cutting: one for the gifted and talented program, a technology teacher and a business teacher.

But Florio warned that he was only able to do that because of federal stimulus money for education, which ends next year.

“Unless there is a significant change, we won’t be able to keep these positions going after next year,” Florio said.

Tim White

Connecticut Convention Weekend 2010

It was CT Convention Weekend 2010 as the two major parties endorsed their candidates for the November elections. And for those of you unfamiliar with the process, the May conventions are relatively small affairs in which the partes endorse candidates. Then in August there will primary elections in which the parties nominate candidates. And that's followed by the general election in which the electorate determines who will take the oath of office in January 2011.

Anyway... I think the Dems made a wise choice by endorsing Dan Malloy for Governor, while the GOP endorsed Tom Foley .

My understanding is that both Malloy and Foley will face primaries in August. And I have no idea how either will fare. I've consistently heard Dem friends tell me that while they support the idea of public financing, they are also concerned about unilateral disarmament against a self-funding Republican... such as Tom Foley.

But if the Dem endorsement is an indication of where polls will be showing Malloy against Lamont over the next three months... I'm not sure that Republicans will feel compelled to support Foley in August. Frankly, I doubt Republicans will gravitate toward Lt. Gov. Fedele ... I've heard too many rank'n'file Rs mention that Hartford is the problem... and therefore, the LG is not part of the solution to fix that train wreck. But maybe Oz Greibel is enough of an outsider to win a Republican primary in which self-funding is not a concern?

I cast my vote for Larry DeNardis yesterday. So I really don't have much preference at this point. Though I'm pretty sure the GOP primary for Governor is going to be a three man race - Foley, Fedele and Oz. Only thing I know for sure about any of them at this point is that Griebel has a couple of cute, young girls working for him. Ha! I guess I should start checking out their websites?

The GOP Senate race also may include three candidates - Schiff, McMahon and Simmons. I don't expect my guy, Schiff, to win the primary. But I do think there's value in sending a message to the entire GOP... end the deficits and reduce the debt... among other things.

The GOP in Washington is just off its rocker. Hopefully Jim Demint will make some headway in November and McConnell will be forced to start dealing with reality.

Sam Caligiuri got endorsed by the CT-5 GOP. Sam got 67% of the vote and Justin Bernier got most of the rest of it. I understand that Justin will primary Sam. Though I'm also of the understanding the Justin didn't even congratulate Sam after the vote. Hearing that was disappointing to me. After every time I've lost an election (2001 Council, 2006 State Rep), I congratulated my opponent. But most of the times I've won an election, including my state Rep convention and primary, I've heard nothing. No biggie to me. But I think it does say something about the person who got the short of the stick. IMO there's no reason to get angry and bitter. You just cowboy up, congratulate the victor and move on. No need for nastiness... especially not in public.

And here are some images from the convention...

Joe Markley (left) wants to be the Republican to take Sam Caligiuri's seat representing west Cheshire:Dave Labriola is a state Rep from the Beacon Falls / Naugatuck area. I got to know and respect him when I ran for state Rep.:The Cheshire contingent at the convention, including Gil Linder and Jackie Cianci:A view of the convention floor:Another pic of some Cheshire delegates you might know:Some pix of Tom Foley's reception:Linda McMahon also had a really nice reception on Friday night. Though her husband, Vince, has been largely absent from the campaign trail, he was at the reception on Friday... along with their kids and... Triple H! Considering how ridiculous Blumie has looked over the past week (not so much that he's a liar... moreso that he has credibility issues), I wouldn't be surprised if Linda is CTs next Senator.

And a photo of Oz Greibel with one of his supporters, former Congresswoman Nancy Johnson:

It'll be an interesting summer with all of these races... including several with big budgets and lots of advertising.

Tim White

Friday, May 21, 2010

State Rep. Art O'Neill for Attorney General

The Mirror's Keith Phaneuf is reporting that state Rep. Art O'Neill is running for AG. I'm not sure who else is running, but I like Art. He's the legislator who jumpstarted the discussion in Hartford about putting a 3% lid on property taxes.

I expect to support him on Saturday. I hope other delegates join me.

Also interesting to me... that's the first Constitutional office for which I have a good sense of my vote. Go Art!

Tim White

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Pool's 2010 / 2011 winter schedule

If a pool enclosure referendum passes in June, then the pool would be tentatively closed from Sept / Oct through the spring 2011. Does anyone happen to know what the CHS swim teams and Seadogs would do next year for swim time?

Tim White

Turmelle gives a turf update

The NHRs Luther Turmelle gives an update on the turf:

Supporters of a push to install an artificial turf field at Cheshire High School’s Maclary Athletic Complex are almost halfway to their goal of raising $375,000 to supplement state money for the project.

Anyone happen to know where the $375,000 figure originated?

And since BOE member Tony Perugini keeps asking:

To whom does the turf committee report?

I offer that I recall only two official turf votes:

1) July 2008; and
2) November 2009.

So I watched the video of the July 2008 turf motion and see that the Council never voted to create any sort of turf committee. Therefore, I'm pretty sure the turf committee has no formal authority or formal existence. Though I know that in reality, it does exist.

Regardless, I understand that the Turf Committee has already issued an RFQ for engineering services.

This is getting interesting.

Tim White

Meriden teachers request union concession

From the MRJs Andrew Perlot:

MERIDEN - Twelve hundred dollars - it's a sum that Nicholas Macri isn't especially enthused about giving up, but he's hoping to have the opportunity to do it anyway.

The 32-year school district veteran is among about 150 teachers who have signed a petition to the leadership of their union, the Meriden Federation of Teachers, requesting the opportunity to vote on a three-furlough-day concession, he said.

The teachers estimate that the three furlough days - essentially unpaid leave - would save the Board of Education $700,000, Macri said.


Tim White

GAAP needed; a good reason to like Dan Malloy

As we head toward the November election for Governor, I still have no idea for whom I will vote. I'm just hoping we get some adults in leadership positions there.

So with the D and R conventions starting tomorrow, I encourage the Democratic party to support Dan Malloy for Governor. I don't know all of his policy views, but I know one of them.

He supports requiring the state of Connecticut to use GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. By eliminating GAAP and creating our own form of accounting - the only state in the union to use our own horrible creation - we cook the books. As Malloy said at a recent public forum:

"If we don't tell the truth, if we're not transparent, we're not going to take our medicine."

And while other R & D pols argued about the lack of GAAP in a partisan manner, the NewsTimes' Brian Lockhart continued:

Malloy argued it is a "bipartisan train wreck,"

And even though that's dead obvious to anyone outside of Hartford, I thank you Mr. Malloy for your honesty and candor. I hope you get the nod on your side of the aisle.

I hope that in November, both major parties have someone who will be honest about the situation.

Tim White

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Politico on yesterday's Establishment loss

Politico's John F. Harris & Jim Vandehei give their take on the changing scene of politics in America:

The anti-establishment, anti-incumbent fevers on display Tuesday are not new. The ideologically charged, grass-roots activists flexing their muscle in this week’s primary showdowns are the same breed as primary voters who four years ago stripped the Democratic nomination away from Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who later won as an independent.

What’s now clear, in a way that wasn’t before, is that these results reflect a genuine national phenomenon, not simply isolated spasms in response to single issues or local circumstances.

This is a stark and potentially durable change in politics. The old structures that protected incumbent power are weakening. New structures, from partisan news outlets to online social networks, are giving anti-establishment politicians access to two essential elements of effective campaigns: publicity and financial support.

My sense is that this is also happening at the local level. And it'll be great if it happens at the local level. Just because someone has a certain letter after her/his name doesn't mean s/he does a good job.

For instance, why has this Council still taken no action - other than wasting $5,000 on a consultant fact finder - toward mediating the conflict at the PD? Only thing I can venture is a too-friendly relationship with Management.

Vigilante journalism may be the only recourse available for the next 18 months.

Tim White

Some May / June happenings around town

Children's World Languages is having a Scrabble Tournament:

Where: Bartlem Park Pavilion, Cheshire
When: Saturday, May 29, 2010
Time: 1:00-3:30 p.m.

The RWA is having a HazWaste day :I thank RWA Chairman Dave Borowy for sending me the info.

Campion has a new facility:

And of course, in a week and a half will be the Memorial Day parade. It will be led by Cheshire's VFW Commander, John White, and Cheshire's American Legion Commander, Ernie Dipietro.

Tim White

Caligiuri has more than half the needed delegates

The state convention for both parties is to be held this weekend. On the Dem side, I'm cheering for Dan Malloy for Governor. On the GOP side I'm most hoping for Schiff for Senate.*

Another candidate I'm supporting is congressional candidate Sam Caligiuri. And according to Sam:

I am thrilled to share the exciting news that a majority of the Republican delegates to Friday’s Fifth District convention have publicly committed to supporting my nomination! I could not be more honored and humbled to have secured this support and the support of many other delegates who preferred not to be listed publicly at this time. See the current - and growing! - list of public supporters here.

Power to ya Sammy! I'm not a delegate to the convention, but I am an alternate for my dad. And since I don't expect to be there on Friday, while my dad doesn't expect to be there on Saturday... I think it works out well.

My dad and I both support Schiff and Caligiuri. Those votes are simple. The vote for Governor though... neither of us know yet on which day that vote will be taken. And I'm totally undecided, though I was leaning toward Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. My dad supports Hamden resident Larry Denardis though. So I expect to at least vote for Larry in the first round, if it happens while I'm there. But if he doesn't go past the first round... I'm a complete tossup on any other GOP candidate for CT Governor.

Tim White

* Though I'm not holding my breath... I learned the reality of polling the hard way... by supporting my guy, Ron Paul, in New Hampshire

Monday, May 17, 2010

White on Dodd kitchen budget overrun

At last Tuesday's Council meeting, I voiced concerns about the budget overrun on the Dodd kitchen renovation project. I distinctly remember this project beginning as a simple move of the refrigerator from the basement up to the kitchen. But now we've got a bunch of other stuff:

IMO, taxpayers should blame these overruns on the Council, including me. But as a member of the Council, I think Management should be held accountable for this.

From my perspective, these changes in the scope and cost of the project should have been flagged by the TMs staff to the PBC. And this should have been brought to the TMs attention by his staff. And the TM should have brought this to the attention of the Council a while ago.

That didn't happen.

And it never seems to happen.

In fairness to the TM, he wants to redefine the role of Town / School staff with the PBC. But what's happening with that? I haven't heard anything recently. As far as I know, that's just another one of the old kick-the-can-down-the-road routines being performed by the TM... say something to just keep people off your back... hoping everyone will forget. That routine gets tiring... but I guess that's the point.

This project reminds of the classic Cheshire excuse "It's not my / our responsibility... blame the Charter!" But I don't accept that excuse.

Regardless, the taxpayers should keep this budget overrun in mind. And if the Council fails to hold Management accountable, then you oughta hold us - the Council - accountable.

Tim White

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Turf fundraising as of May 2010

I think it's been mentioned here. But I'm not sure if the press have reported on it... I understand the Turf fundraising has reached $150,000. And while I don't know what that fantastical 50% fundraising target was ever measured against... I'm guessing the June Council meeting will hear renewed calls for the Turf.

I don't recall all the words spoken publicly by various Council members over the past year, but I'm thinking that any call to move forward with Turf this summer would face a vote that includes:

Slocum - yea
Adinolfi - ???
Ecke - yea
Giddings - ???
Sima - nay
Schrumm - ???
Ruocco - nay
Falvey - yea
White - nay

Most of my thinking on Council member sentiments relates to either the October LOWVs debate or the November post-election Council vote on the turf.

I have yet to see a realistic long-term financial replacement strategy... at least the cost differential between maintaining the current field and maintaining / replacing a turf field.

Tim White

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jimmy Sima explains the timing of the pool vote

Councilman Sima explains the reason for a special referendum in June - as compared to waiting until November - to vote on a $7,000,000 pool enclosure.

There will be a public hearing related to the pool referendum on Tuesday May 25. That will likely be followed by the actual referendum on June 22.

I'm not sure when absentee ballots would be available.

Tim White

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ron Paul on the European bailouts using our tax dollars

Unreal. But what should we expect without a real audit of the Fed?

"The taxpayers and voters should hold us accountable to demand more transparency." - Ron Paul on how to stop the endless bailouts.

Tim White

Thursday, May 13, 2010

At least one more cop is leaving, but staff is great!...

...and don't worry. The departure has nothing to do with all that silly Deegan vs. Cruess stuff. Cuz Deegan retired. So everything is hunky-dory at the PD. And no more officers will be leaving. They - along with many other town employees - revel in the notion of getting up to go experience a hostile work environment on a daily basis. Yippee!

Or maybe I'm being sarcastic.

Sure would be nice though if the Council would publicly address the failed efforts - as well as the non-efforts* - of the Town Manager. And since his annual review will soon begin with the Personnel Committee, I hope the Council will have a serious discussion about this. Tolerating the hostile work environment and the never-ending quest to behave like an elected Mayor is simply unacceptable as far as I'm concerned.

Tim White

* In particular, I'm thinking of the year that passed before there was any acknowledgement of problems at the PD.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer-only pool budget numbers

The WRAs Lauresha Xhihani reports on the Council's expected action to send the $7 million Open Aire pool enclosure to referendum. And the next step in that process is the May 25 public hearing... to be followed by a likely June 22 referendum.

Not yet sure when absentee ballots will be available.

And for those of you who had requested details on the cost of a summer-only pool... here is staff's kool-aid version of a budget for a summer-only facility:The reason I joke is because I recall being told that lifeguards were not required at Mixville. But lifeguards are necessary at the pool?

And instructors are required? I don't think so.

That's a budget and policy decision. And to suggest that those are unavoidable costs is wrong.

Don't misunderstand me though. I appreciate that staff acknowledged there are assumptions in this fiscal analysis and therefore provided ranges for some budget numbers. But when you juxtapose certain "variable" numbers with the seemingly "fixed" numbers... I'm left scratching my head... wondering if this is just more fuzzy math... similar to when the Council was told that staff "had to" speak in favor of Mayor John Destefano's regional sales tax.


Nope. These so-called fixed expenses could be reduced or eliminated entirely. Again though, that would be a political decision. And frankly, I think there's a huge benefit to having swim classes as swimming is an extremely valuable skill IMO. It just irks me to have staff offer up this stuff in a manner that is supposedly apolitical... when we all know that some people can be extremely political.

I'm just a believer that a manager should manage, not act like an elected Mayor.

Tim White

Open forum - May 12, 2010

The NHRs Luther Turmelle sizes up Monday's PZC public hearing on the northend development.

Jesse Buchanan of the MRJ reports that the Cheshire Public Schools have agreed to a 1.75% raise for teachers' aides.

And the Town Council met tonight. The agenda included a 7-1 vote (Adinolfi opposed, Ecke absent) to set a public hearing on the pool enclosure referendum. That Council meeting will likely occur on Tuesday May 25 and possibly be followed by a referendum on June 22. Furthermore, based on public comments tonight and in the past, I've counted the following Council votes regarding sending a pool enclosure to referendum:

Slocum - yea
Adinolfi - nay
Ecke - ???
Giddings - yea
Sima - yea
Schrumm - yea
Ruocco - ???
Falvey - nay
White - yea

I'll also try to keep track of whether Council members intend to support the pool enclosure at the ballot box.

If you see headlines about The Fed getting audited, it's highly misleading. The Fed will make a one time disclosure of the trillions they printed to distribute to their Bankster Buddies. But it's not a real audit. How could it be? Chris Dodd (D-Banksters) and Judd Gregg (R-Banksters) both supported it. So obviously, it's not a real audit. Nonetheless, it does shine some light on The Secrets of the Temple.

The GOP state Rep conventions were held tonight. I understand Kathy Brown will be the candidate in the 89th. I'm certain that Uncle Al got his nomination in the 103rd. And I think Richard Abbate may be running in the 90th. I'm assuming Vickie Nardello, Elizabeth Esty and Mary Fritz are all running for reelection.

And how did this David Cameron guy get to be PM of Britain?? I just assumed the Conservative leader with Dan Hannon... how great was his delivery in that one youtube clip?!

Please consider this an open forum... with the exception that any comments that even allude to the probate court race will probably be deleted even if the majority of the comment has value. I'm just not in the mood for it.

Tim White

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tonight's PZC meeting on the northend development

The Planning and Zoning Commission met tonight. They held a public hearing regarding the extension of the northend development plan to ten years.

Here are a few random comments from PZC member Patti Flynn Harris:

If you're interested to learn more, all four papers were at tonight's meeting. So I'm sure it'll be in the local press tomorrow, if not tonight.

Tim White

Please act! Audit the Fed may face Senate vote tomorrow

A letter from Ron Paul on Audit the Fed:

Dear Liberty Activist,

The talk of "change" in Washington, D.C. is, as you know, a sham.

Nothing proves this more than the current debate on Senator Dodd's Restoring American Financial Stability Act, which you and I know should be called the Fed Empowerment Act. Senate leadership is hoping to cram more big government down our throats to cover up for the economic problems caused by – you guessed it – big government.

Our nation faces major challenges for which the freedom movement has the solutions, and this is no time to back down. While the Sanders amendment takes important steps toward more transparency, the thorough audit language we fought to pass in the House last year is no longer present.

But there is good news. Senator David Vitter will offer a strong Audit the Fed amendment to restore that language, but it needs all the help we can give it to pass.

A vote could come as soon as tomorrow.

Click here to read the important letter Campaign for Liberty's President, John Tate, has sent to every senator. Then, please take action to turn the heat up on your senators by phone, email and fax regarding the Vitter amendment. All the information you need is available by clicking here.

Thank you for all you do in defense of freedom.

In Liberty,

Congressman Ron Paul

Please click here to take action to Audit the Fed.

I encourage you to contact:

Senator Dodd (202) 224-2823
Senator Lieberman 202.224.4041
Congressman Murphy (202) 225-4476

Tim White

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Call for a public hearing for the pool enclosure

Back in November, Council members began the discussion about the pool enclosure. At that time I questioned the need for going to referendum in the spring. It was explained to me that a "springtime pool vote" promise was made during the campaign. Unsurprisingly, no one mentioned that promise to me until after the election. Regardless, the current Council pressed forward investigating a pool enclosure. And I think that was the right thing to do. But now the next step in that process is Tuesday night.

Anyway, I've asked that - during Tuesday's discussion to call a public hearing on the pool enclosure - someone be available on Tuesday to explain the reasons for a special election for the pool. Barring this explanation, it seems to me that reasonable people could conclude this is simply an attempt to pass the referendum by using a likely low turnout.

FWIW, I got something of a reasonable explanation this weekend. But I want to ensure the voters understand the rationale for this unusual situation.

Tim White

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) fighting FOR America

I thank the Democratic party for putting forward candidates that fight FOR America... people such as Alan Grayson. In this eleven minute classic speech, Congressman Grayson informs America that we own the Red Roof Inn chain of hotels.

What?!?!, you say.


Just listen to him and you'll see how the Bush / Obama / Paulson / Rubin / Geithner / Bernanke / Greenspan Banksters have sold us even more of a bill of goods than we had known. And Mr. Grayson also explains why we didn't know about the next catastrophe-in-the-making... because none of us know what happens inside The Belly of the Beast - The Federal Reserve!

I thank Mr. Grayson (D-Orlando) for fighting FOR America.

President Obama (D-Corporatist) should be ashamed of his actions to fight against transparency, against good government and against the America people.

Seriously... I really don't understand what Obama is thinking. It makes absolutely no sense to me why he is fighting the good guys.

Tim White

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bernie Sanders sells out on auditing the Fed?

Congressman Ron Paul shares his thoughts on today's moves in the Senate on Chris Dodd's Financial Regulatory deform reform bill:

I'm basically onboard with Ron Paul and want to see the Ron Paul / Alan Grayson Audit the Fed bill come to pass. And Bernie has definitely compromised too much in my opinion. Nonetheless, as RP explains it... he differs with HuffPo's current reporting that Bernie's bill includes the so-called "swaps" (a.k.a. bailouts) with foreign central banks. Anyway, it's very confusing to me right now... too many moving pieces.

One thing seems certain though... the Kaufman / Brown amendment is going to be included and that sounds the death knell for TBTF.

Tim White

PZC to amend Interchange Zone rules?

I've been told that there is a PZC meeting on Monday and that the agenda includes an amendment to the Interchange Zone rules... something along the lines of extending the development grace period for W/S from five years to ten years. I'm not sure if that's it exactly, but I know many of you are interested in the proposed northend development.

Tim White

Pension Board election for Chairman

I understand that Gary Gombar is the new Retirement Board Chairman. Other members include Tom Denne, William Freytag, Michael Caron and Mike Evans.

Tim White

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

President Transparency lies again

As I previously mentioned, Salon's Glenn Greenwald has already shown President Obama to be a liar. But at least that related to national security concerns. And not that the Red Flag of national security legitimizes lying. But Obama is now pretty much looking like an outright liar when it comes to bragging about his transparency efforts.

Senators Byron Dorgan (D-ND) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) don't appear to be pushing an audit of the Fed, but HuffPost's Ryan Grim seems to be saying they support an amendment to Dodd's financial regulatory reform bill. Grim reports that the Dorgan / Grassley amendment would require full disclosure of the Fed's trillions of dollars of bailouts. It:

is the second assault on the Fed. The first was launched by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is pushing an amendment that reflects audit language passed by the House.

With the White House strongly opposed to an audit of the Fed, three economists, including two who had previously worked on oversight of the Fed, pressed the administration to drop its "apocalyptic opposition" to the amendment. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier that the administration "would fight to stop it at all costs."

President Transparency can't even keep to his word on good government issues. I'm so tired of this guy. But further driving home the point is another Congressman I like:

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), a cosponsor of the House measure, said that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's opposition represents a conflict of interest. "He was the head of the New York Fed for years and years. This audit would apply to him. And the actions he took -- which he can now take in secret and, when this bill passes, will no longer be secret -- we'll be able to see and understand the decisions that he made that, among other things, put huge amounts of bailout money into the hands of private interests," said Grayson on ABC's "Top Line" Tuesday. "It's one of the biggest conflicts of interest I've ever seen."

Time to clean up the swamp.

Tim White

Cheshire Tea Party's one year anniversary

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan reported on the one year anniversary of the Cheshire Tea Party. I congratulate John Pepper on his efforts! I recall getting my first email about it more than a year ago... and when the Ron Paul r3VOLution gave the ol' Tea Party the jumpstart it needed back on December 16, 2007!

Tim White

Council Chair Tim Slocum on the pool enclosure

Cheshire Town Council Chairman Tim Slocum offers his thoughts on the proposed pool enclosure:

Tim White

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Bernie Sanders may yet Audit the Fed!

The HuffPost's Ryan Grim is reporting that Bernie Sanders' attempt to hold government accountable is picking up steam and may be able to get around Connecticut's opponent of transparency, Chris Dodd. And though the Senate votes are apparently still fluid, there is hope!

For my part, I called Senator Palpatine Senator Lieberman today. His staffer said he had no clue about the Bernie Sanders Federal Reserve Transparency amendment. Frankly though, I found that highly unlikely considering the weight with which The Fed is coming down on this amendment. But maybe The Fed considers Lieberman "a lock" in favor of their bad government initiatives and hidden agendas?

Tim White

Deciding on a pool structure

The full Council met tonight (Adinolfi absent) to discuss the pool enclosure options. First point worth mentioning was that there seemed to be agreement among most people present - Council, PBC, Energy & pool users - that continued use of the bubble is not the best option. The following article from the Recreation Management magazine was used to illustrate the problems with a bubble:

In summary, air-supported structures should perhaps be thought of as affordable short-term solutions for pools simply aiming to stay open through the winter but may not be an ideal option for aquatics facilities looking to develop robust, year-round programming.

And with some additional discussion, the idea of continuing with the bubble was put to rest... at least for now. For me, I don't see ever supporting the bubble. But if the pool enclosure fails at referendum, another bubble could potentially go to referendum. Wouldn't that be interesting to see another bubble on the ballot in November 2011??

Anyway... back to the discussion regarding the two pool enclosure options... and here is a cost-analysis of the two structures... along with a third option that was investigated by Bill Kunde... incorporating a cogeneration unit into the facilities. Unfortunately, there was only a response for using cogen in the OpenAire building. So we don't really have an apples-to-apples for that.

Regardless, here's a rollforward of the numbers from where we started a few months ago to where we are today:And based on my unofficial whip count tonight, it sounds as though there are five votes leaning in favor of the Open-Aire structure combined with the cogeneration unit. I counted me, Slocum, Schrumm, Sima & Giddings... not sure where the other four Council members stand.

Tim White

Pension Board meeting agenda - May 5, 2010

The agenda for Wednesday's meeting of the Pension Board:

Cheshire Retirement Board Agenda
May 5, 2010
Cheshire Town Hall
84 South Main Street
Cheshire, Connecticut 06410
Room 210; 6:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order.

2. Roll Call and Determination of a Quorum.

3. Pledge of Allegiance.

4. Approval of Minutes for February 3rd 2010 meeting.

5. New Business:

a. May Investments Action Items Only
b. May Investment Manager Presentation: Neuberger Berman 45 minutes
c. May Market Review 15 minutes
d. Election of Officers

6. Old Business:

a. Pension Disbursements – Informational Only
b. Summary of Bills - For Review Only

7. Public Comment.

8. Adjournment.

I believe the current membership of the Retirement Board is:

Tom Denne - Chairman
Mike Evans - Vice Chairman
Michael Caron
Gary Gombar
William Freitag

Along with several police and fire representatives who are able to vote on issues exclusive to their respective bodies.

Tim White

Monday, May 03, 2010

President Transparency defends his title!

As I just mentioned, Alan Greenspan loves secrecy and opposes transparency. But even more interesting than Greenspan, Bernie Sanders has basically said that President Transparency has unleashed his top gun - Rahm Emanuel - to actively oppose transparency and oppose good government by opposing an Audit of the Fed. The HuffPost's Ryan Grim continues his fantastic reporting on the meltdown:

The White House, Federal Reserve and Wall Street lobbyists are kicking up their opposition to an amendment to audit the Fed as a Senate vote approaches, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the lead sponsor of the measure, said on Monday...

Sanders said that Greenspan's comments are all the more reason for an audit. "I think it just adds a lot of weight to what we are trying to do," Sanders said. "It just points to the fact that if there was more transparency then it in fact would have allowed the debate to take place about the subprime mortgage [sic] unfolding crisis at that point. It may have prevented the horrendous recession that we're in now and the near collapse of the financial institutions."

Go Bernie! Give'em hell!

President Transparency and his cronies all need to go. Problem is... the GOP doesn't exactly offer many good alternatives. Heck... in the past month or so, Boehner and McConnell have both been called out for their attempts at garnering Wall Street financial support for Republican campaigns. So they don't offer any sort of real alternative... not in a party sense anyway... only option for a return to good government is to look at the particular candidates, such as Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Ron Paul.

Tim White

Flashback: How the Council learned about the union report

Last fall, I detailed some of the indications of problems at the PD in this post. But I didn't really highlight the chronology of events of issue in particular - the report from the union to the TM. To recap:

1) May 21 - The union gives a report to the TM. The report voiced concerns about the Union / Chief relationship.

2) Memorial Day weekend - I learned of the report.

3) 2nd Tuesday in June - The Council's regular meeting occurs, but there is no mention of the report either in public session or executive session.

4) 4th Tuesday in June - The Council has a special meeting, but there is no mention of the report either in public session or executive session.

5) Early July - I contact the TM and ask about the report.

6) 2nd Tuesday in July - The Council's regular meeting occurs and the report is discussed in executive session.

7) This spring - the report is made public.

It seems to me that I should not have had to ask about the report. In my opinion, the TM should have had the good judgment to bring the report to attention of the full Council.

Tim White

And on a totally unrelated note, but since I try to be fair... I have to give props to the TM for an update I got from him on something he did recently. Not going to bother with the details, but wanted to mention it.

Greenspan loves secrecy = we must Audit the Fed!

The HuffPost's Ryan Grim reports on Alan Greenspan's opposition to good government and his assistance in creating our economic meltdown:

As top Federal Reserve officials debated whether there was a housing bubble and what to do about it, then-Chairman Alan Greenspan argued that the dissent should be kept secret so that the Fed wouldn't lose control of the debate to people less well-informed than themselves.

"We run the risk, by laying out the pros and cons of a particular argument, of inducing people to join in on the debate, and in this regard it is possible to lose control of a process that only we fully understand," Greenspan said, according to the transcripts of a March 2004 meeting.

At the same meeting, a Federal Reserve bank president from Atlanta, Jack Guynn, warned that "a number of folks are expressing growing concern about potential overbuilding and worrisome speculation in the real estate markets, especially in Florida. Entire condo projects and upscale residential lots are being pre-sold before any construction, with buyers freely admitting that they have no intention of occupying the units or building on the land but rather are counting on 'flipping' the properties--selling them quickly at higher prices."

And Chris "I've officially sold out to Wall Street" Dodd still opposes an audit of the Fed. But since Dodd is officially a sellout and his financial deform reform bill may come up for a vote tomorrow... I request that Senator Lieberman end his sellout of Nutmeggers in favor of Wall Street and oppose Dodd's bill... at least until it includes a very basic audit of the Fed. And since Joementum is nearly certain to oppose good government here... at this point I'm guessing I'll be actively working to oppose his reelection for the next 30 months.

Oh yeah... almost forgot... if it's Harry Reid who tries to quash Bernie Sanders' Audit the Fed bill, then maybe I'll even get involved in defeating Reid too. I'm so tired of these guys.

Tim White

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Obama administration whistleblowers will not be tolerated!

First the NYTimes and Salon called out King Obama for his admission of comfort in assassinating an American citizen. Now the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz reports:

The Justice Department's decision to subpoena a New York Times reporter this week has convinced some press advocates that President Obama's team is pursuing leaks with the same fervor as the Bush administration...

"The message they are sending to everyone is, 'You leak to the media, we will get you,' " said Lucy Dalglish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. In the wake of the Bush administration's aggressive stance toward the press, she said, "as far as I can tell there is absolutely no difference, and the Obama administration seems to be paying more attention to it. This is going to get nasty."

I'm increasingly convinced that when someone in government takes the title Chief Executive Officer, all-too-often they begin to believe that they can do no wrong and need not listen to anyone.

Tim White

Council meeting for the choice of pool enclosure

There's a pool meeting on Tuesday. The agenda is:

7:30 P.M., TUESDAY, MAY 4, 2010

1. Roll Call.

2. Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Evaluations of Community Pool enclosure proposals.

4. Adjournment.

Tim White