Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PBC liaison report - Sept 9 - hWg 39

Two interesting points:

1) The dollar value on the CHS air conditioning installation and heating retrofit is up to $4,000,000. No word yet on whether that number was calculated using the fuzzy math of the planned $1.9million budget or the bizarro math of the last minute $1.5million budget.

2) hotWatergate continues! The Norton boiler installation is not yet completed. The PBC liaison explained that the project should be completed on time... by the end of the month.

Interesting choice of words:The important thing is to finish this project. But I seem to recall being told in Aug/Sept '07 that we would need to rebid this project because we were approaching heating season (Oct 15??) and we needed to be "fair." Ah yes... we needed to be fair. Well, I guess:Tim White


Anonymous said...

No disrespect to the PBC, but why are they not given real direction? I have attended a few meetings and reality is that they "just approve" things becuase they don't have authority or direction from council. Furthermore, it would seem the the interest in PBC is not present due to this and the meetings are usually less than an hour and in many cases 1/2 hour. When is the PBC going to get direction and a clear understanding of their role.....

Anonymous said...

It's going to cost $4,000,000? How many square feet of space are involved? What's the cost per foot?