Monday, September 29, 2008

Norton boiler almost done - hWg 40

The Council liaison to the PBC, Matt Altieri, gave an update on hotWatergate today:And here's some related PBC minutes:

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Arre there financial penalties against WB for going beyond the completion date?

What date will it be done?

Altieri doesn't have a clue as to how this town should operate.

Anonymous said...

“…It seems this project has moved along well so far…” Just what does that mean and was there more to this e-mail?

Where is the certified performance test showing the boiler system works within design limits? What are the emissions discharged when the boilers fire?

Are all the installation drawings, service, and maintenance manuals turned over to the town for use in operating and maintaining the boilers? Where municipal departments assigned responsibilities for the equipment familiarized and trained on this equipment by the installing authority?

So, has it moved along well so far or does "so far" mean a number of incidentals like drawings, manuals and training got left out - - -?

Anonymous said...

It's the close of business on September 30th, and it's STILL not done.

Now what?

Anonymous said...

Let's send it out to bid again.