Friday, September 26, 2008

Lenox challenges Gaffey's campaign

I got the following press release earlier today:

Tim Lenox, the Republican Candidate for the 13th State Senate District seat, filed a formal complaint today with the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission against his opponent, State Senator Tom Gaffey (D), for using official government resources in his re-election campaign.

Lenox filed his complaint when he learned that the website address displayed on the Senator’s campaign lawn signs,
, immediately redirects visitors to Gaffey’s state government profile page at, which was designed strictly for legislative use.

“In doing this, Senator Gaffey is using state taxpayer funding to promote his campaign and giving the voters the false appearance that he is being endorsed by the Connecticut State Legislature,” Lenox stated. “Taxpayers throughout the entire state are, in effect, donating to Senator Gaffey’s re-election campaign without their knowledge or consent. This violates the entire spirit of the public campaign finance laws.”

Lenox has requested a full investigation into Sen. Gaffey’s campaign finances and practices by the SEEC to determine the full extent of his unethical use of state resources for personal gain. Lenox also asked the Commission to advise the Senator to “immediately cease this activity”.

Respectfully yours,

Mark R. Mnich, Campaign Manager
Tim Lenox for State Senate 2008

Tim White

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