Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I thank Marie Carolla!

In case you missed last week's Herald, there was a letter in there that mentioned me. It was written by Marie Carolla and I thank her!

Basically, she asked several Council members to begin answering questions. I couldn't agree more. Their obfuscation, strawmen and diversionary tactics are getting old.

Perhaps with a few more letters like that one... who knows?... maybe even the current Council majority will realize before the next election that, in fact, the taxpayers do want explanations on:

1) out-of-state conferences & seminars
2) the take home vehicles with unlimited gasoline
3) a comprehensive energy action plan
4) the pool
5) the corruption memo
6) the benefit of the tax hike fund balance policy
7) the lack of Council video on the town website

among other concerns.

Unfortunately, we still need to get past the disconnect in which my approach is to take direction from the voters... but the Council takes a different approach:

Tim White


Anonymous said...

You forgot one -

8. The council majority's total lack of fiscal responsibility shown by their support of accepting State (taxpayer) funds to be used for an artificial turf field.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid this council majority is so deep into taking power for granted and enabling corruption, they're beyond self-reform.

The only reform will come on Nov. 3, 2009. That's 13 months and 15 days from today.