Thursday, September 18, 2008

CodeRED: emergency response system rollout

A few months ago the Town purchased an emergency response system called CodeRed. In the case of an emergency, the system can call you... but you need to go to the website and enter the data. For easier reading of the press release, click on the image to enlarge it.
Tim White


Anonymous said...

How do we remove our phone number, I have no desire to to be placed on this list nor do I want a call from the Town when there is an emergency. The only time I want to be notified immediately in case of an emergency is when our taxes are lowered. Guess I won't hold my breath and will not expect a call. Based on this logic I need to remove myself from this list.

Anonymous said...

The town continues to come across placing blame on its residents even before there is a problem. One example, the annual warning about our bad mail boxes breaking because the town plows snow. Now we get yet another round of advance bllame, we are being told the town wants to tell us about some as yet undisclosed emergency quickly by phone but it is up to us to make sure we are listed in their expensive, does everything system. Enough with the concerns about leaving a phone number out. How about the particulars of exactly why and when this system can and will be used.

Along those lines, exactly what will be displayed in a standard caller ID readout when the system places a call? Should a number called by the system be directed to an answering/voicemail device is the town system going to leave a specific message or will it just hang up and go on to its next automatic call - - this could happen about 60,000 per hour? What does this system do if a number called is in use?

Concerning adding cellular phones to this system, how will the town and this system deal with the all too likely cell phone system announcement that due to high traffic levels your call cannot go through so please try again later?

I am sorry to say I can see many more problems associated with a system like this then I can see cost effective solutions from what has been presented. How have we been able to survive without this new, toy, I mean technology, until the year 2008 anyway?