Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Altieri email requesting info on PC at pool - 1

For easier reading, the text follows:

Hello fellow Council Members

As you might know we are going to be holding a meeting (Sept 16 730 Room 210) to discuss the details of our Pool Subcommittee report. I have attached a general outline of the topics that would be presented and discussed at the Council (date not yet set late September most likely). I would anticipate that our presentation would be a visual in the line of a PowerPoint and it would include some data and baseline information with a focus on options for an alternate for the cover.

If anyone has any thoughts or comments that they would like to suggest please let me know as soon as possible, as we are going to try to finalize our presenation at that meeting.

Councilman White and Sima if you could forward to me any information you have researched or found in regard directly to pools and performance based contracting that would be very helpful. At this point I have some information that relates to the topic but our task is the pool, so we are looking for that specific information.

Best to all

Matt Altieri

I'll continue posting this email chain that began on Sept 6. I found it enlightening.

I especially appreciated how Councilman Altieri attempted to frame the debate around me and Jimmy... as if all responsibility for information on performance contracting falls on us... not any other Council members... and certainly not staff because we all know who directs this Council:

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Just another sign of how lazy he is.He is the one who should be looking for the solutuions and presenting them to the TC.
Why isn't he asking the rest of the council for input?Why only those 2?
When do these clowns have to announce when they are running again? I can't believe they are that stupid to think this town is pleased with what they have been doing to this town.

Anonymous said...

Tim, why not give them PC info? You're the expert..just follow it up with a more concrete proposal!

Anonymous said...

Altieri says, "At this point I have some information that relates to the topic but our task is the pool, so we are looking for that specific information."

He's saying he has some information relating to PC yet he's passing the buck to Sima & White. "Our task is the pool" he says...well Mr. Altieri that says it all...your task is the pool which would include everything involving it including performance contracting or whatever method will be used to pay for it! Do what's in the best interest of the taxpayers...do your job.
If this was about the turf, Altieri would be bending over backwards and jumping through hoops. Picture that!

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers? Ha!
Like my friend Leona Helmsley said,
"Only little people pay taxes."


Anonymous said...

I heard that there is a move to create a dog park.

I think this would be the perfect place to test the artificial turf before we commit to the ball field.

tim white said...

why not give them PC info?

They've been given the info... the four non-freshmen members of the majority have been given plenty of info. Though in fairness to three of them... the Budget Chair has been given a lot more info.

But therein lies a real problem... why do those three keep directing questions / comments to me?

Ecke made the promise. So when I asked about PC during this yr's cap bgt meetings... those three should have either remained silent or turned to the Budget Chair and asked him to respond.

But they didn't.

Therein lies the reality that at least on this seemingly non-partisan issue (energy conservation), they are quite partisan.

Sad in my opinion.

Their whole refusal to act is ridiculous. The reality is that this Council could have all the information in the world (and they've been given plenty of info), but they "take direction from" staff. And staff doesn't want to risk a downgrade in the bond rating... nor does the current majority, as they campaigned on the issue.

Their excuses are nothing but strawmen and diversionary tactics.

Just read the NHR, WRA and MRJ for their take. It'll be obvious that the press have the same feeling... that the majority has the information... they just refuse to act.

Anonymous said...

The Dem council is simply a bunch of out of touch tax and spenders. They have no concern for many in town who do not have the financial resources that they have. One is a real estate lawyer whose presence on the council has helped him make a bundle, two work in education and their salaries and benefits are way beyond most peoples, another has so much money that she and her husband can contribute $4,600 to the Obama campaign. They are totally out of touch with the financial stress that most of us are under.

We don't need their strip mall in the northend and don't need the negative impacts on our town just to support local landowner/developers, we don't need a artificial turf which will end up being another disaster like the pool and we don't need any more town employees.

What we need is tax relief and elected official that manage our money as if it were their own.

Under their watchwe have experienced uncontrolled spending.

Another thing we don't need is Estey to represent us at the state level. She would be just one more tax and spend state legislator.