Friday, July 31, 2009

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (43/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Let the assemblies be annual, with a President only. The representation more equal. Their business wholly domestic, and subject to the authority of a Continental Congress.

Tim White

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Conducting Council business

Here's a snapshot of Councilmen Ruocco and Slocum informally discussing the Capital Budget after tonight's meeting:Alright, I admit it. I'm just trying to learn how to use my digital camera... it's kinda fun. Tom's looking very tanned and rested after a few days vacation.

Tim White

09/10 Capital Budget: public works meeting... and Town Hall's credibility gap

I got to the public works capital budget meeting late, but did raise some concerns that had been on my mind:

Are these sewer projects energy-intensive? And if we move forward with these improvements that could easily cost eight figures, will we find energy-efficiencies?

Of course, I knew the answer was "yes." But there was another point to my questions.

I then asked who created this capital budget?

I was told that staff created the budget and it was revised and approved by the WPCA.

Again, I knew the answer.

But then I asked about some previous email exchanges between me and staff... those exchanges related to me advocating the use of performance contracting as a financing mechanism for these large ticket items. And the basic result of those emails was me being told that if the sewers were to be financed using performance contracting, staff couldn't drive that initiative. It would have to be driven by the WPCA.

Of course, that's a load of BS. And that's why I asked who created the budget - staff, not the WPCA. But then I've known for years that staff (and their Rubber Stampers) are opposed to the very concept of performance contracting, despite their repeated lip service. So I wasn't breaking any new ground here... just putting this nonsense on the record.

And as for staff's years of asserting that no one has yet to prove that performance contracting would save the town money...

I also recall staff telling me for years that videostreaming on the town website had too many technical difficulties and cost too much to make happen.

Then the Council composition changed and Sheldon Dill returned.

"Suddenly" videostreaming was possible.

Whether staff's assertion is correct that performance contracting may not save the town money is largely irrelevant. The problem is that staff has already been shown to be intellectually dishonest at times - the credibility is gone.

This lack of credibility extends to other members of the Town's senior management. Look no further than hotWatergate. While some claim there was no one to blame, anyone with half a brain can see who screwed up that project.

And continuing with other problems in town that continue to get swept under the carpet... there's the police department... some of you may remember this grievance (there's a reason I've been asking about the extent of grievances for the past two years - there's a "there" there - despite the nonsense claims by the Town's top hypocrite). Or maybe you'll remember this slap in the face to staff members who are not card-carrying members of The Inner Circle.

Come November, I seriously hope the voters identify five Council members who are willing to challenge Cheshire's Political Class. I've concluded that their sense of entitlement and belief that they will never be held accountable can only be challenged in the voting booth.

Tim White

09/10 Capital Budget: emergency operations center

Here's the emergency operations center. Notice there's nothing in the capital budget for this year.This emergency operations center is proposed as a retrofit to the old firehouse (between the new firehouse and the Waverly). If this center is not created, then this same location is proposed as a storage facility for a newly-created food pantry.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (42/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

If there is any true cause of fear respecting independence, it is because no plan is yet laid down. Men do not see their way out — Wherefore, as an opening into that business, I offer the following hints; at the same time modestly affirming, that I have no other opinion of them myself, than that they may be the means of giving rise to something better. Could the straggling thoughts of individuals be collected, they would frequently form materials for wise and able men to improve into useful matter.

Truly inspiring to me. Thomas Paine believed in John Q. Public, as do I. I simply don't accept that the government is smarter than the individual.

Tim White

75% of Americans want the Fed audited

In March 2007, Ron Paul announced his candidacy for President of the United States. He was roundly dismissed by the pundits... though I loved him and had been donating to him for years.

In December 2007, I drove to New Hampshire to help Ron Paul on his quest to win the January 2008 NH GOP primary. While there I heard people chanting "End the Fed." I had no reason to agree or disagree. I had never really understood what it did.

By the spring of 2008, I learned the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy. Fiscal policy relates to taxing and spending. Monetary policy relates to the existence of money. For instance, monetary policy enables money to grow on trees! Now, I consider myself a fairly well-informed voter. And I'm guessing that at that moment in time, most people had never heard the phrase monetary policy. And frankly, most of the Gang of 535 had probably never heard the phrase either.

But fast forward to July 29, 2009 and check out the poll released by Rasmussen today:

So much for the ongoing secrecy of the nation’s independent central banking system. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 75% of Americans favor auditing the Federal Reserve and making the results available to the public.

Yee-ha! Ben Bernanke can do all the pressers he wants. The American people know there's a problem and we're not going to let these crooks continue stealing our money without question.

Viva la r3VOLucion!

Tim White

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some initial thoughts on the Council at-large horse race

Justin Adinolfi is the top Dem vote-getter for Council at-large.

Tim Slocum has put in the most time in Cheshire for any GOPer and he gets the most votes for an R. And while any of the other Council at-large candidates can do well, their effort in the campaign will mean a lot.

I'm expecting Jimmy Sima to do well. He's the most conservative Council member with whom I've served and he's very consistent. I can't see any reason why the voters would fire him.

I don't care for his politics, but he'll put in his time campaigning. You don't win state championships - unless you're tireless in pursuit of your goal. For that reason, I'm guessing Councilman Turf will be back for a third term.

For any reporters looking for a human interest story during the dog days of summer, Anne Giddings is related to this guy. He's married to her twin sister. And since it must take some political know-how to be elected both a Governor and a US Senator, I'm guessing she may get some useful advice for her campaign. I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit to see her get elected.

Sylvia Nichols owned the Window Box for a few decades. I'm guessing there's at least a few people in town who will remember the designer of their wedding floral arrangements fondly.

Joe Bartoli has been a member of the ZBA for a couple terms now. He's also been involved with advocating the 3-strikes bill. He hasn't been in Cheshire as long as Tim Slocum, but I think Joe's also spent about 100% of his life here. So I'm sure he's got lots of friends who will support him.

Kerrie Dunne is a member of the Inland Wetlands Committee. Mike Evans is a Republican appointment Democratic member of the Retirement Board.

As for Councilman Truth and his long-held desire to hold the wholly unnecessary title of Honorary Mayor... I firmly hope that his wish does not come true. I don't see any need for the Town to have a chief elected official who routinely throws temper tantrums on TV. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy. But we've all seen the behavior for the past few years. And doesn't anyone else remember a year ago when he effectively said he didn't know why he was on the Council? (Hint: It was during the turf discussion.)

I truly believe that it's possible for any of these candidates to win. But at this point, I'd only put money on Adinolfi, Altieri and Slocum. I love serving with Jimmy Sima, but like the other six candidates... the hardest-working and smartest-working ones will win. I'm guessing Jimmy will be among the top five vote recipients.

Here is the Herald's take on the fall classic.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (41/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Where there are no distinctions there can be no superiority, perfect equality affords no temptation. The republics of Europe are all (and we may say always) in peace. Holland and Swisserland are without wars, foreign or domestic: Monarchical governments, it is true, are never long at rest; the crown itself is a temptation to enterprizing ruffians at home; and that degree of pride and insolence ever attendant on regal authority, swells into a rupture with foreign powers, in instances, where a republican government, by being formed on more natural principles, would negotiate the mistake.

This seems to me to be a perfectly good explanation on why every member of Congress who abdicated his/her power to vote to declare war (by way of "authorizing the use of force in Iraq") should be immediately impeached, convicted and tossed from office. We can start with Chris Dodd (D-Wall Street).

The President is not King. Nor was the position intended to have such authority.

Tim White

09/10 Capital Budget: Open space, West Main & the pool

Here's the overview of the 09/10 capital budget, including open space, West Main Street improvements and the pool:Here are the details for open space:West Main Street improvements:and some of the proposed pool expenditures:As for tonight's capital budget meeting... we discussed the Library and Parks & Rec. The library has nothing in the current year capital budget. P&R has a few items, but I'll post them in due time. My intention is to upload most of the CB to the blog, but to do it in the order in which the budget book is created. That makes it easier for me.

Tim White

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sen. Bernie Sanders slams the WaPo and the Fed

The socialist-democratic Senator Bernie Sanders (Populist - VT) slammed the WaPo for their nonsense claim that the Federal Reserve should not be questioned.

The Fed has expanded its balance sheet by more than $1 trillion in taxpayer dollars in response to the financial crisis. Who received this money? Is it being used primarily to help ordinary Americans or just the wealthy and well-connected? What conflicts of interest exist between members of the Fed and Wall Street bankers? This is all information that the American people deserve to know.

The Fed isn't answering these questions. That is why an independent audit of the Fed is gaining such bipartisan support...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The American people have a right to know what is being done with their hard-earned taxpayer dollars. This money does not belong to the Fed; it belongs to the American people.

And President Transparency remains silent while Rome burns.

Go get'em Bernie!

Tim White

Slocum on the public works garage boondoggle

The Council majority wants to expand the public works garage.

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan reports on the concerns of Councilman Tim Slocum:

"If you have something that was initiated in (the 1990s) and was put on the back burner several times because of other priorities, why wouldn't the current council, in this economic climate, have the opportunity to" vote it down now, Republican Councilor Tim Slocum said."

This (project) has gone through two boom and bust cycles and we're doing it now?" Slocum said Wednesday. "I realize it's not going to a vote, but I think it stinks."

This garage project is ridiculous. If I understand the project funding correctly, there have already been three $300,000 appropriations for this project for a total of $900,000 and dating back 15 years. Yet it has not yet been completed?

Four months and counting... though I'm also hoping that regardless of which party has a majority... there are at least five votes to deal with the problems created by the Town's senior management. Ignoring those problems will mean long-term problems for the town's residents.

Tim White

Pool school permit request rejected

From the MRJs Jesse Buchanan:

The Planning and Zoning Commission have denied Joanne Newton's request for an in-home swimming tutoring business at her Oak Ridge Drive home in a six to two vote.

Tim White

Local election candidates 2009

Here are the candidates that I recall from tonight's meetings (incumbents in green):

Council at-large

Joe Bartoli (R)
Anne Giddings (R)
Sylvia Nichols (R)
Jimmy Sima (R)
Tim Slocum (R)

Justin Adinolfi (D)
Matt Altieri (D)
Kerrie Dunne (D)
Mike Ecke (D)
Mike Evans (D)

Council 1st district

David Schrumm (R)
Sheldon Dill (D)

Council 2nd district

Tom Ruocco (R)
Matt Bowman (D)

Council 3rd district

Andy Falvey (R)
Laura Decaprio (D)

Council 4th district

Tim White (R)
Peter Talbot (D)

Board of Education

Sandy Pavano (R)
Anthony Perugini (R)
Bob Behrer (D)
Cathy Hellreich (D)
Steve Mrowka (D)

Planning & Zoning

Sean Strollo (R)
EJ Kurtz (R)

Gil Linder (R)

and I can't remember any more of the Dems who are running.

Among the above positions, the Council's Matt Hall and PZCs Dave Veleber are the only people who are walking away. Though I've had significant differences with Matt on policy, I thank him for his service.

Other positions on the ballot include:

Town Clerk (Carolyn Soltis - R), P&Z alternate (Ed Gaudio - R), ZBA (Marion Nero - R), ZBA alternate (Lou Murray - R) and Constable.

Any predictions?

I think this is the strongest field of candidates fielded by the GOP in quite a while. I wouldn't be surprised to see a return of GOP majorities on both the Council and BOE. (Each body has one seat Dem majorities.) And with Strollo and Kurtz running for reelection to the PZC, I'm guessing that'll stay a GOP majority. But we'll see what happens in November!

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (40/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

The colonies have manifested such a spirit of good order and obedience to continental government, as is sufficient to make every reasonable person easy and happy on that head. No man can assign the least pretence for his fears, on any other grounds, that such as are truly childish and ridiculous, viz. that one colony will be striving for superiority over another.

Tim White

Monday, July 27, 2009

2009 GOP nominating caucus on Tuesday at 8pm

From the Republican Town Committee Chair, Marilyn Bartoli:

There will be a SPECIALLY SCHEDULED RTC Meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday evening @ 7pm in Council Chambers, Town Hall. Followed by the Town wide Republican Caucus Tuesday 7/28/09 at 8pm also in Council Chambers at Town Hall.

All registered Rs are invited. And I'm pretty sure the Dems are doing likewise tomorrow night at the Senior Center.

Tim White

Pratt & Whitney to leave Cheshire?

As many of you know, here's some old news reported by the NHRs Cara Baruzzi:

Workers are bracing for the possibility that Pratt & Whitney’s local plant will close next year after company officials said Tuesday they are considering shutting down the Cheshire Engine Center, which employs about 825 workers, as well as another business unit in East Hartford...

From a town perspective, Pratt & Whitney is Cheshire’s second-largest private employer, after Bozzuto’s Inc., and generates $136,000 in revenue to the town annually, Sitko said.

That's NBD. This is "excellent" news. Councilman Turf and Councilman Truth must be so excited. We can now use this as the impetus for stimulus turf all over town!

But seriously... this isn't because of the lack of leadership in town. It's more Hartford and Washington that caused this.

Tim White

Sweetheart mortgages and bankrupt GSEs

With Larry Margasak reporting:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Despite their denials, influential Democratic Sens. Kent Conrad and Chris Dodd were told from the start they were getting VIP mortgage discounts from one of the nation's largest lenders, the official who handled their loans has told Congress in secret testimony.

I tend to doubt Dodd is on the ballot in November 2010. As Ironman reminded me, the former Senator Bob Torricelli (D-North Korea) clearly demonstrated that political parties can pull a switch-a-roo up until the last possible moment - party primaries be damned.

Here's an excerpt of Sam Caligiuri's comments:

The people of Connecticut deserve better than to have to continually deal with the "don't say no to the VIP" mentality that has plagued Connecticut in the past and clearly plagues us with Chris Dodd today. Connecticut deserves no less than a full and open investigation of this matter. Nothing short of complete transparency will bring to light the real facts surrounding this ongoing scandal involving Chris Dodd and his sweetheart mortgage deals.

I agree. And I'd be proud to have Sammy as my next US Senator.

And in other Senate 2010 news, I think there's going to be a bit of fun on August 7. My fellow Paulistas are organizing an August 7 money bomb for Peter Schiff. Check out this five minute video that offers reasons for both firing Dodd and hiring Schiff.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (39/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Thousands are already ruined by British barbarity; (thousands more will probably suffer the same fate.) Those men have other feelings than us who have nothing suffered. All they now possess is liberty, what they before enjoyed is sacrificed to its service, and having nothing more to lose, they disdain submission. Besides, the general temper of the colonies, towards a British government, will be like that of a youth, who is nearly out of his time; they will care very little about her. And a government which cannot preserve the peace, is no government at all, and in that case we pay our money for nothing; and pray what is it that Britain can do, whose power will be wholly on paper, should a civil tumult break out the very day after reconciliation? I have heard some men say, many of whom I believe spoke without thinking, that they dreaded an independence, fearing that it would produce civil wars. It is but seldom that our first thoughts are truly correct, and that is the case here; for there are ten times more to dread from a patched up connexion than from independence. I make the sufferers case my own, and I protest, that were I driven from house and home, my property destroyed, and my circumstances ruined, that as a man, sensible of injuries, I could never relish the doctrine of reconciliation, or consider myself bound thereby.

Tim White

Had a great time in Costa Rica & Panama!

And now I'm back and looking forward to the capital budget. I think the first two meetings are this week on Wednesday and Thursday. And in the political arena, the GOP and (presumably) the Dems have their respective caucuses on Tuesday night to determine the slates for the upcoming elections.

Now to bed! My flight out of Atlanta was delayed four hours... so just got home... a bit later than I had hoped.

Tim White

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Costa Rica and the blog

Una cerveza: $1
Dorm bed: $12
Zipline canopy tour: $60
Flight to Costa Rica: $344
Finally learning to use my digital camera: priceless

I made the mistake once of spending time on this blog, instead of focusing on my SO. I plan to never make that mistake again.

So starting with this trip, I'm moderating comments. As a result, your comments may not appear for a few days.

I'll definitely be posting again within ten days, but for the time being... I'm just having some apolitical fun. I'm guessing though that I'll post a few times at least over the course of the next week - maybe everyday - so you may want to visit... but I'm not sure. Anyway... that's the news and I am outta here!

Tim White

Pool meeting 7/16

The meeting tonight was to discuss alternatives to the bubble. But that's not where the meeting started. In a nutshell, there's concern about the ability of the town to open the pool on September 15 after the bubble gets reinflated. I gather there's a chance that either the health inspector or building inspector could close the permanent structure part of the pool... thereby closing the facility... until repairs are made.

There was someone knowledgable at the meeting discussing some ideas. But from my perspective, I just saw more $$$ for another band-aid. I don't see the point. And when it was mentioned that it was as if the Council had its "back against the wall," I said that was a result of the Council's footdragging on this for years. Regardless...

After that discussion, we got to the proposals that came about as a result of the RFP. Again, the short version: six responses, ranging in price from $4.1 million to $9.3 million.

What made no sense to me was that only one of the six responses offered an estimated savings.

There will be more meetings. And if you want real reporting, both the NHR and Herald were at the meeting tonight.

Tim White

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Audit the Fed: Why it must be done.

Here's a great eight minute clip that can probably convince most people of the need for greater transparency by Auditing the Fed!

Campaign for Liberty is reporting that Ron Paul's HR 1207 now has 267 cosponsors in the House. 290 votes would be enough to override a seemingly likely veto from President Transparency.

The Senate version (Bernie Sanders' S604) has 8 Senators onboard.

Tim White

Public Works garage expansion: money grows on trees!

At last night's brief meeting, Tim Slocum raised an interesting point. It related to the article in last week's Herald by Josh Morgan. Of most interest was:

Michelangelo said the project has "been planned for a number of years" and was originally approved with a $300,000 appropriations in the 1995 capital budget, but the project was continually "put on the back burner."

Michelangelo said there was only around $13,000 left in the garage expansion fund...

Yet some Advocates of Big Government wonder why taxpayers are skeptical of government? Some Advocates of Big Government can't fathom why taxpayers question if funds are misappropriated or misused?

Thankfully, Tim Slocum isn't a member of The Rubber Stamp Club. He asked the necessary questions last night:

What happened to the $287,000?

We're expecting to get an answer, though we're gonna have to wait for it.

The article continued by mentioning how the construction will be funded - $222,000 from the renovation and addition account and $112,000 from the environmental impact account.

Unreal. The money just disappears and reappears from nowhere.

I thank Tim Slocum and Tom Ruocco for following up on that. It's good to know there's at least a couple Council members that ask questions.

Tim White

09/10 Capital Budget: Public Properties

The five year proposed capital budget for public properties:
Underground fuel tanks
Roof repairs
Senior Center elevator
Open spaceTim White

Comments on CHS' interim Principal

The NHRs Luther Turmelle did this piece on the incoming interim Principal for CHS. What caught my attention though was the comments below the article. And since the comment mentioned Milford, I googled him + Milford and found that he was appointed Assistant Superintendent of Milford schools in July 2007. Yet Turmelle's piece mentions that he moved to the private sector only 18 months ago.

Seemed like a quick change... and not necessarily any big deal. But definitely worthy of a question or two by the people in Humiston.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (38/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

But the most powerful of all arguments, is, that nothing but independence, i. e. a continental form of government, can keep the peace of the continent and preserve it inviolate from civil wars. I dread the event of a reconciliation with Britain now, as it is more than probable, that it will followed by a revolt somewhere or other, the consequences of which may be far more fatal than all the malice of Britain.

Tim White

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

09/10 Capital Budget: Finance & Admin

I'll try to offer the details of the capital budget over the course of the next month or so... before we vote.Tim White

Council meeting - July 14, 2009

This had to be the shortest regular Council meeting I've ever attended (excluding the lively executive session that has two particular employees getting under my skin). I think we were all the way through the TMs report, committee reports and liaison reports by around 8:30pm.

And since the meeting was at the Senior Center (where the audio didn't record during our meeting there last September), I note that not all votes on new business were unanimous tonight. On the vote to change the job description of a sewer plant electrician, the vote was 6-3 (Ruocco, Sima and Slocum opposed). I say that simply because there's been some comments lately about how votes seem to always fall along party lines. And there have been plenty of non-party line votes over the past year and a half.

Tim White

Money Magazine: Cheshire in the top 100!

Money Magazine rated Cheshire one of the 100 best places to live. Kinda cool, I think.

Per Money, here's the skinny on our town that they ranked #72.

Tim White

Peter Schiff continues advancing toward a run

I'm pretty sure that Peter Schiff has a new message up on his website. I also think Sam Caligiuri would be a fine addition to the US Senate.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (37/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Secondly. That as even the best terms, which we can expect to obtain, can amount to no more than a temporary expedient, or a kind of government by guardianship, which can last no longer than till the colonies come of age, so the general face and state of things, in the interim, will be unsettled and unpromising. Emigrants of property will not choose to come to a country whose form of government hangs but by a thread, and who is every day tottering on the brink of commotion and disturbance; and numbers of the present inhabitants would lay hold of the interval, to dispose of their effects, and quit the continent.

Tim White

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ron Paul questions the Federal Reserve "experts"

Some so-called Federal Reserve "expert" tells Dr. Paul that Congress should be concerned "with outcomes, not process." What a joke.

I guess Congress should just focus on how much money to spend. The process of collecting taxes, such as the ultimate enforcement tool of imprisonment, should be of no concern to members of Congress.

Pay no attention to that Fed behind the curtain.

Tim White

09/10 Capital Budget: consolidated

Here's the overview of the entire 5-year capital budget that has been proposed by the TM:The Council will likely change this budget and adopt it sometime around the end of August. I'll try to add the details over the course of the next six weeks.

Tim White

Home-based swimming lessons

The home-based swimming lessons will be coming before the PZC.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (36/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

America is only a secondary object in the system of British politics, England consults the good of this country, no farther than it answers her own purpose. Wherefore, her own interest leads her to suppress the growth of ours in every case which doth not promote her advantage, or in the least interferes with it. A pretty state we should soon be in under such a second-hand government, considering what has happened! Men do not change from enemies to friends by the alteration of a name: And in order to shew that reconciliation now is a dangerous doctrine, I affirm, that it would be policy in the king at this time, to repeal the acts for the sake of reinstating himself in the government of the provinces; in order that HE MAY ACCOMPLISH BY CRAFT AND SUBTILITY, IN THE LONG RUN, WHAT HE CANNOT DO BY FORCE AND VIOLENCE IN THE SHORT ONE. Reconciliation and ruin are nearly related.

Tim White

$8,000 for Crusher in Q2

While Dan Malloy raised $144,000 in his bid for Governor, Crusher raised about $8,000. Conjures up images of the British seaching for the Holy Grail:

I wonder if Crusher's asked Councilman Turf to ante up yet?

Tim White

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Council agenda - July 14, 2009

This meeting will be held at the Senior Center.Normally it's June when the Council votes on the Personnel Rules & Regs, but not this year. I'm wondering why the annual update still hasn't hit the agenda. Hmmm....

That vote presumably would include the elimination of Defined Benefit Pension Plans as an option for future non-union employees. I "wonder" if that's the reason it's not on the agenda? It may very well not be, but I've been doing this for a few years now. The modus operandi of Cheshire's Political Class is clear to me... "just wait'em out! Eventually they'll forget... and then we can do what we want!"

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (35/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

But the king you will say has a negative in England; the people there can make no laws without his consent. In point of right and good order, there is something very ridiculous, that a youth of twenty-one (which hath often happened) shall say to several millions of people, older and wiser than himself, I forbid this or that act of yours to be law. But in this place I decline this sort of reply, though I will never cease to expose the absurdity of it, and only answer, that England being the King's residence, and America not so, make quite another case. The king's negative here is ten times more dangerous and fatal than it can be in England, for there he will scarcely refuse his consent to a bill for putting England into as strong a state of defence as possible, and in America he would never suffer such a bill to be passed.

Tim White

CHS interim Principal - Kevin Ryan

From the schools:

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Ryan to the position of Interim Principal at Cheshire High School. Kevin is a former Middle and High School Principal and will be a fine addition to our administrative team. I have invited Kevin to join us at Superintendent’s Cabinet on Wednesday, July 15th. For those of you that are in that day, it will be chance to meet you new colleague. Kevin will be starting July 20th, so I am sure those of you that are away next week will find time to meet him soon.

Tim White

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ron Paul questions the morality of Fed secrecy

Congressman Ron Paul explains the forces behind his bill HR 1207 - Audit the Fed to the Federal Reserve Vice Chairman, Donald Kohn. The Congressman explains why Kohn and his Krohnies on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC - the top governing board of The Fed) are dead wrong about their demands for secrecy and clandestine operations with the Federal Reserve system.

Some of the Congressman comments:

There's a strong argument now that the more we know about what has been going on in the last year, the more it would've helped the markets. It's the unknown and that is why we need a much more open Fed. The people are demanding it. They want transparency.

Transparency is a good word, but to say that "a little bit of transparency is good, but we can't have a lot of it. There are certain things we don't want you knowing when we're talking to foreign central banks, foreign governments, international organizations."

What kind of agreements do we have with the IMF?

We have an obligation, a moral obligation, here in the Congress to know exactly what the agreements are. We're not doing this to preempt anything.

This is the reason why the support for this bill that I have is now up to 255. And it's across the board - liberals, conservatives, progressives, populists, libertarians - they're supporting this....

We shouldn't be afraid of the truth.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (34/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

First. The powers of governing still remaining in the hands of the king, he will have a negative over the whole legislation of this continent. And as he hath shewn himself such an inveterate enemy to liberty, and discovered such a thirst for arbitrary power; is he, or is he not, a proper man to say to these colonies, "You shall make no laws but what I please." And is there any inhabitant in America so ignorant, as not to know, that according to what is called the present constitution, that this continent can make no laws but what the king gives it leave to; and is there any man so unwise, as not to see, that (considering what has happened) he will suffer no law to be made here, but such as suit his purpose. We may be as effectually enslaved by the want of laws in America, as by submitting to laws made for us in England. After matters are made up (as it is called) can there be any doubt, but the whole power of the crown will be exerted, to keep this continent as low and humble as possible? Instead of going forward we shall go backward, or be perpetually quarrelling or ridiculously petitioning. — We are already greater than the king wishes us to be, and will he not hereafter endeavour to make us less? To bring the matter to one point. Is the power who is jealous of our prosperity, a proper power to govern us? Whoever says No to this question is an independent, for independency means no more, than, whether we shall make our own laws, or, whether the king, the greatest enemy this continent hath, or can have, shall tell us, "there shall be no laws but such as I like."

Tim White

Fire Department practicing with a controlled fire?

I understand the FD is going to be training with a controlled fire near the Paul Bunyon / House of Doors in the north end of town at 1pm. I didn't get any sort of official word about that, but I heard it from someone I trust.

Tim White

Dept head pay freeze? Don't forget what some got THIS year.

This week's Herald had both a front-page article and the editorial dedicated to a possible pay freeze for Town department heads this year... or maybe for six months. But let's all keep in mind the Town Hall raises that were given out since we all knew the recession had hit.

The following is a table of the non-union salary banding increases that happened in Town Hall for the July 08 - June 09 fiscal year. I think the rest is self-explanatory.I'm sure the unions are going to agree to 0% increases.

Leadership by example!

Tim White

Friday, July 10, 2009

The $17 trillion divorce - Hu says bub-bye Barack!

Ironman reminded me about this interesting commentary on Bloomberg:

This $17 Trillion Divorce Won’t Be a Pretty One (by William Pesek):

July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Returning from China last month, U.S. Congressman Mark Kirk had a bearish take on a high-level visit by American officials.

Treasury Secretary
Timothy Geithner claimed the U.S.’s biggest creditor voiced great confidence in its debt. Kirk, an Illinois Republican, came back with the opposite impression.

“China is beginning to cancel Congress’s credit card,” he told Fox News on June 10. It “doesn’t want to lend much more money to the United States and especially is worried about the Fed’s policy of printing money to buy new debt.”

A month later, there’s no doubt about whose assessment was more accurate.

As I suggested a couple days ago, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is making himself look like a fool when he speaks about Sino-American relations. He'd be better off just keeping his mouth shut.

I still have no idea why President Obama loves Geithner so much, unless my theory is correct - Obama hasn't a clue about money and banking.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (33/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

But admitting that matters were now made up, what would be the event? I answer, the ruin of the continent. And that for several reasons.

Tim White

Malloy kicks off Q2 fundraising announcements

Chris MC of YourCT emailed me about Dan Malloy's fundraising this quarter. The (non) candidate for Governor raised $144,000.

Seems like a good number to me, considering there's absolutely no coverage of the race. The other thing that strikes me... CT passed a new public financing law that's supposed to take the money out of politics. Now when a candidate for Governor raises $250,000, the candidate then gets $3,000,000 in matching funds.

So why did this (non) candidate raise $144,000 this quarter? From what I understand, this is a loophole in the law. Since Malloy is "not" a candidate, he can raise and spend as much money as he wants.

Susie B and Governor Rell are also non-candidates. But different from Malloy, Governor Rell raised only $20,000 this quarter... which probably puts her on target for raising the $250,000 sometime next year. I have no idea how much money Susie B has raised.

Different from all the aforementioned non-candidates, Crusher is a declared candidate. And his campaign is supposedly broke. But I guess that makes sense, since Speaker Donovan retracted the offer of a $120,000 / yr no-show job.

Tim White

p.s. About Malloy's fundraising. His fundraising, despite public financing, is not intended to be a negative here. Rather, I'm saying the law itself is poorly written and should be changed. Dannel is simply dealing with the situation in which he finds himself.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

David Schrumm's letter on Richmond Glen

David and I have had some very public differences in the past, but I agree with him on his letter in today's Herald. In fact, I called him to thank him. The letter was strong, but entirely appropriate.

In particular, I liked the paragraph:

If the leaders of this community are so cowed into silence by a developer's legal tactic, they should quit and perhaps serve the Town in a capacity where courage in the defense of town residents is not needed. Was it really fear of the lawsuit or a convenient favor to the development community, who makes campaign contributions and provide work for real estate attorneys?

Word to David: Haven't you been paying attention?


David now has a problem though. Several inhabitants of The Gated Castle - and other members of Cheshire's Political Class - must be furious with him! David commits heresy! How dare he?!

Of course, I'm already on their naughty list.

I can guess as to what they're thinking: How dare Councilman White request fair market value for the easement?! Fair market value? Fair market value! Mr. White is an extortionist! Be gone, Mr. White! Cheshire's Political Class has had enough of you.

Tim White

Poll: Voters trust GOP more than Dems

From Rasmussen Reports:

Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on eight out of 10 key electoral issues, including, for the second straight month, the top issue of the economy. They've also narrowed the gap on the remaining two issues, the traditionally Democratic strong suits of health care and education...

Voters not affiliated with either party trust Republicans more to handle the economy by a 46% to 32% margin.

Wow. Chris Dodd is probably hoping the economy improves.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (32/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

The object, contended for, ought always to bear some just proportion to the expense. The removal of North, or the whole detestable junto, is a matter unworthy the millions we have expended. A temporary stoppage of trade, was an inconvenience, which would have sufficiently balanced the repeal of all the acts complained of, had such repeals been obtained; but if the whole continent must take up arms, if every man must be a soldier, it is scarcely worth our while to fight against a contemptible ministry only. Dearly, dearly, do we pay for the repeal of the acts, if that is all we fight for; for in a just estimation, it is as great a folly to pay a Bunker-hill price for law, as for land. As I have always considered the independency of this continent, as an event, which sooner or later must arrive, so from the late rapid progress of the continent to maturity, the event could not be far off. Wherefore, on the breaking out of hostilities, it was not worth the while to have disputed a matter, which time would have finally redressed, unless we meant to be in earnest; otherwise, it is like wasting an estate on a suit at law, to regulate the trespasses of a tenant, whose lease is just expiring. No man was a warmer wisher for reconciliation than myself, before the fatal nineteenth of April 1775, but the moment the event of that day was made known, I rejected the hardened, sullen tempered Pharaoh of England for ever; and disdain the wretch, that with the pretended title of FATHER OF HIS PEOPLE, can unfeelingly hear of their slaughter, and composedly sleep with their blood upon his soul.

Wow. Those last few words are amazingly strong. I'd say they apply aptly to China and Tiananmen Square, circa June 1989. And yet Geithner, Bernanke and Obama want us in bed with those same fellows. (Bush did too... but then... they're all card-carrying members of The Political Class.)

Something isn't right in Smallville.

Tim White

Congressman Joe Courtney cosponsors HR 1207 - Audit the Fed!

I understand Joe Courtney is the second CT Congressman to cosponsor Ron Paul's bill, HR 1207 - Audit the Fed! Thank you Congressman Courtney. It was the right thing to do... regardless of the nonsense being spewed by Federal Reserve Vice Chair Donald Kohn today. Kohn looked ridiculous.

While Kohn was blah, blah, blahing about the need for Fed independence, the Wall Street Journal was reporting on whether Obama is going to reappoint Bernanke.

Yeah... I'm sure Bernanke will just ignore Obama for the next six months. So when Obama says "Fire up those printing presses," Bernanke is going to say "No, Mr. President. The Fed is independent. So I'm not going to do that."

The Beast The Federal Reserve is not independent. The best it can claim is that it's not influenced by Congress... instead, it's influenced by Wall Street. The Fed does Wall Street's bidding.

Thank you Joe Courtney. Thank you Chris Murphy. Transparency and good government are important.

But no thank you to President Transparency.

Six months and the populist has already become the premier member of Washington's Political Class.

Tim White

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Three cheers for Congressman Chris Murphy!

I understand that Chris Murphy has cosponsored HR 1207 - Audit the Fed! There are now 250 cosponsors in the House.

Good for you Chris! It was the right thing to do.

I also understand that Chris is the first member (of CTs five House members) to cosponsor Ron Paul's legislation.

Tim White

Geithner speaks, China ignores him

On June 2, CNN cross-reported:

BEIJING (Reuters) -- China agrees with the United States that the dollar will remain the world's main reserve currency for a long time to come, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Tuesday.

Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan has floated the long-term possibility of replacing the dollar as the world's main reserve currency with the Special Drawing Right, the International Monetary Fund's unit of account.

But Geithner, wrapping up two days of high-level talks, said: "I believe the Chinese expect the dollar to be the principal reserve currency for a long period of time, as do we."

Then on July 2, Bloomberg's Bob Chen and David Yong reported:

China will allow companies to use the yuan to settle cross-border trade and let them keep their entitlement to export tax rebates, seeking to reduce the reliance of importers and exporters on the U.S. dollar...

“It’s China’s first step to make the yuan global,” said
Shi Lei, an analyst in Beijing at Bank of China Ltd., the nation’s largest foreign-currency trader. “It will protect exporters from swings in exchange rates and boost the yuan’s role in the world currency system.”

China is promoting greater use of the yuan in international trade and finance after Premier
Wen Jiabao in March expressed concern that a weakening dollar will cause losses on the country’s holdings of U.S. assets. A Chinese Foreign Ministry official said today he hoped the U.S. currency would remain stable, while reiterating a call for diversification of the international monetary system.

And now on July 8, Bloomberg News reported:

Huang Xinyuan, who sells mining equipment and pesticides to customers across China’s border with Vietnam, says he no longer wants payment in U.S. dollars and prefers the yuan.

Sales using the greenback at Guangxi Jinbei Group, where Huang is vice president, dropped to 30 percent of contracts in 2008 from 87 percent in 2007. The yuan, which has gained 21 percent since it was allowed to strengthen against the dollar starting in 2005, offers greater stability, he said.

“In recent years, the dollar has gone in only one direction and that is down,” said Huang, 45, in his second- floor office in Pingxiang, a town set amongst karst limestone hills and sugar-cane fields in China’s southwest Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, three kilometers (1.9 miles) from Vietnam. “Settling our orders in yuan removes a major risk.”

Clearly China is doing everything it can to ensure that "the dollar will remain the world's main reserve currency for a long time to come..." Ha.

I wonder if Geithner actually believes his own words?

Tim White

One trial, two juries

From the NHRs Randall Beach:

Prosecutors in the Cheshire home invasion and triple murder case have filed a motion seeking a single trial for the two defendants, but with separate juries.

The motion was filed “for the purpose of sparing the remaining victim, family members and witnesses the ordeal of multiple trials, and for the purpose of judicial economy,” said State’s Attorney Michael Dearington and Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Gary Nicholson in their New Haven Superior Court writ.

Good. Glad to hear the intention is to avoid multiple trials. Waiting two years is already far too long and unnecessary IMO.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (31/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

As Britain hath not manifested the least inclination towards a compromise, we may be assured that no terms can be obtained worthy the acceptance of the continent, or any ways equal to the expense of blood and treasure we have been already put to.

Tim White

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Found my college roommate on Facebook

And stole this from his homepage:

Did you hear about the two cannibals who were eating a clown?

One looked at the other and said "does this taste funny?"

Tim White

G-8 losing its clout due to the ticking debt bomb

From Bloomberg's James G. Neuger:

Bank bailouts and recession-fighting measures will explode the debt of the advanced economies to at least 114 percent of gross domestic product in 2014, more than triple the 35 percent of the main emerging economies including China, the International Monetary Fund forecasts.

The run-up in debt has hastened a power shift that is sapping the industrial world’s authority to impose its economic doctrine, currency arrangements or greenhouse-gas reduction strategies. Even some G-8 officials acknowledge that the group has lost its grip amid the global recession they spawned.

America's standard of living is on the decline, while the standard of living of developing nations is on the rise. I'm happy for those people. But if America's monetary policy team (i.e. Bernanke, Geithner, Summers & Dodd) got its act together, we wouldn't necessarily experience such a big drop in our standard of living.

Tim White

US Senate - GOP fundraising race kickoff

From the Courant's Christopher Keating:

Longtime Republican fundraiser Tom Foley has burst onto the political scene by raising more than $530,000 in the first 26 days since announcing he is running for the U.S. Senate against Democratic incumbent Christopher Dodd.

As the former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, Foley, 57, is well-known to political insiders, but he is not well known to the general public. A Greenwich millionaire and prominent fundraiser for more than a decade, Foley was named as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in San Diego in 1996 because of his fundraising prowess.

Consider me part of the general public. I don't know anything about Mr. Foley. But calling him a political insider does him no favors, IMO. It reminds me of The Political Class. And rest assured, I have no interest in voting for any member of The Political Class... or in simply allowing the unelected ones to retain their posts. But I am curious to learn about his views.

As for Sam Caligiuri, I understand he's making the rounds to the Town Committees. He's doing what he needs to do to win a GOP primary.

Tim White

One or two trials?

From the NHR:

Prosecutors and relatives of the victims of a deadly home invasion in Cheshire two years ago are seeking one trial for the two men charged with the crime, saying the sole survivor should be spared the ordeal of two trials.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (30/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

I am not induced by motives of pride, party, or resentment to espouse the doctrine of separation and independence; I am clearly, positively, and conscientiously persuaded that it is the true interest of this continent to be so; that every thing short of that is mere patchwork, that it can afford no lasting felicity, — that it is leaving the sword to our children, and shrinking back at a time, when, a little more, a little farther, would have rendered this continent the glory of the earth.

Tim White

Turf will be "privately" funded

The Herald's Josh Morgan reports on the Turf Committee:

the subcommittee will recommend that the extra costs not covered by the grant be raised from “private” funds and donations.


While the Turf Chairman, Bob Behrer, may sincerely believe that... anyone who follows local politics knows the reality that Councilman Turf believes his goal should not be questioned... we should just accept our fate. And his counterpart... well... Councilman "Truth" has his own "way" with words.

I hope Cheshire's Political Class gets a rude awakening in November.

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (29/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Small islands not capable of protecting themselves, are the proper objects for kingdoms to take under their care; but there is something very absurd, in supposing a continent to be perpetually governed by an island. In no instance hath nature made the satellite larger than its primary planet, and as England and America, with respect to each other, reverses the common order of nature, it is evident they belong to different systems: England to Europe, America to itself.

Tim White

Monday, July 06, 2009

This is why I love Senator Jim Demint (R-SC)

Taken from the Campaign for Liberty:

July 6, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Earlier today, the first shot in our battle to pass Audit the Fed through the U.S. Senate was fired on the Senate floor by Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina.

Senator DeMint, who has a well-deserved reputation for taking the battle to the other side in the Senate, once again proved why he is such a valuable ally in our fight to bring transparency and accountability to the Federal Reserve.

A little while ago, the Senate voted to pass HR 2918, the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act. This $3 billion bill contains, among many other things, provisions for GAO audits on certain agencies.

Seizing on a chance to take quick action to bring Audit the Fed up for a vote, and with the GAO provisions in mind, Senator DeMint attached the full text of S 604, the Senate version of Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill, to HR 2918 as Senate Amendment 1367 before it was considered for final passage.

However, Senate Democrats refused to even allow a vote on the amendment! That's right. The internationalist, Fed-loving elite in the Senate used a parliamentary tactic to shut down DeMint's amendment.

After Senator DeMint brought Audit the Fed to the floor, Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska raised a "point of order" to prevent a vote, claiming that the amendment violated Senate Rule 16 by "legislating" on an appropriations bill. The Senate president agreed, and the amendment was shot down.

Senator DeMint did not back down, though, and directly challenged Senate leadership by pointing out the other GAO audits contained in the bill. As Senator DeMint listed them off, the Senate president was forced to agree with Senator DeMint that each one he described, all of which would be left in for final passage, also violated Senate Rule 16.

Which tells us at least one thing: the problem wasn't with "legislating" on the bill or violating Senate Rules (which is commonly done). Shooting down the amendment was about preventing a thorough audit of the Federal Reserve for the first time in its history!

Senate leadership is hoping this issue will just fade away so they can get on to what they deem to be more "important" business, like dictating what kind of healthcare plan you and I can carry or passing destructive Cap-and-Tax legislation.

But the American people deserve answers on what the Fed has done with trillions of our tax dollars and what they are committing us and future generations to as part of their secret deals with foreign central banks and governments.

The leadership decided today to turn their backs on transparency, but our fight is just beginning.

As Senator DeMint made clear on the floor, the Audit the Fed bill has wide bipartisan support. He rightly warned the Senate that even if they delay today, they WILL have to deal with the issue on the floor.

It is up to you and me to back up Senator DeMint's words by making sure the momentum continues to build and the bill comes up for a final vote.

The rejection of the Audit amendment is just the first battle in our war. Now is the time to really put the pressure on the U.S. Senate to Audit the Fed!

Senator DeMint fired the opening salvo and showcased the hypocrisy of the Senate for allowing other GAO audits to be included in the bill while refusing to even allow a vote on Fed transparency.

Again, we're just getting started. Senator DeMint will keep fighting to pass Audit the Fed on its own or as an amendment, and we need to continue putting pressure on our senators to do everything in their power to achieve a floor vote!

Click here to sign our online petition. And visit our Audit the Fed action page for contact information to call, write, and fax your senators and urge them to support S 604 and to push for a final vote.

Together, we will finish this fight to Audit the Fed!

I love this guy!

Tim White

Sunday, July 05, 2009

India & Russia join China in call for "supervision" of US fiscal policy

While some people live in a world where President Obama's promises of tax cuts and increased spending have no negative impact on The Working Man, others view the Bush / Obama fiscal policy of deficit spending as problematic. And no, it's not just me who recognizes that the Ben Bernanke plan of "monetizing" America's debt by pretending that money grows on trees is another irrational excursion into his dreamland of greenshoots and good times.

As I previously mentioned, China wants greater "supervision" of America's fiscal policy. And now Bloomberg has reported that India and Russia agree.

Suresh Tendulkar, an economic adviser to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, said he is urging the government to diversify its $264.6 billion foreign-exchange reserves and hold fewer dollars.

“The major part of Indian reserves is in dollars -- that is something that’s a problem for us,” Tendulkar, chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, said in an interview yesterday in Aix-en-Provence, France...

China and Russia have stepped up calls for a rethink of how global currency reserves are composed and managed, underlining a power shift to emerging markets from the developed nations that spawned the financial crisis.

This is simply unreal to me. America is now in a position where we will soon be overtly taking direction from China. And while President Obama seems to have no idea about monetary policy, he's still doing as the unelected Ben Bernanke tells him to do... all the while ignoring (at best ignoring, at worst opposing) Ron Paul's bill to the Audit the Fed.

At this point, I'm not convinced the US dollar will survive the Obama Presidency.

Tim White

Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama - Round One

Or in slightly broader terms:

The Populists vs. The Political Class - Round One

Reuters picked up this story on The Big Money by Chadwick Matlin. It's a story about the only member of Congress who I believe to be 100% honest and forthright - Ron Paul:

He has rallied the majority of the House to support his new cause: an audit of the Federal Reserve. Legislators are sick of not knowing what's going on inside Bernanke's fortress, especially as the Fed becomes further enmeshed in the nation's fiscal policy. Paul's little bill has become emblematic of a larger movement, one that could spell trouble for Obama's troubled regulatory plan. Ron Paul—always an enemy of regulation—is now an enemy of Obama. And a mighty powerful one at that.

Paul wants to audit the Fed primarily because he wants to destroy it; the audit bill is just the latest chapter in Paul's lifelong crusade against it. His vendetta is fueled by the belief that the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional, a central bank within a country that doesn't allow central banks. That the Fed can manipulate the currency and "create legal tender out of thin air" is heresy. And so Paul attempts to dismantle it the only way he can: through legislation.

Sure, The Beast The Fed is not about to be slain. But that's based on current knowledge. If we can ever find out where the $2.2 trillion went that Bernanke printed... all bets are off. Ron Paul believes such information may steel the Congress' anger toward The Fed. I don't disagree.

At this point, I want to know where in the world is the $2.2 trillion? Or how about the other $8 trillion in so-called "guarantees?" Until we know the answers to such significant questions, I'm not convinced The Federal Reserve will survive the aftermath of HR 1207 - Audit the Fed!

I think it's also worth noting that President Transparency remains silent on both HR 1207 and it's Senate counterpart, Bernie Sanders' S 604. If Obama is truly concerned about transparency, it seems this is a logical place to start. If it's confirmed that Obama opposes transparency at The Fed (and it sure looks like he does by virtue of his silence), then I will view him as an avowed member of The Political Class.

Tim White

Turf moving forward

The powers-that-be want to move ahead with the turf.

I still think we should request that the money be reallocated to the pool. But hey, it's all free money!

Tim White

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (28/53)

Returning to the continuing piece on one of our Founding Fathers (you know... the gentlemen who got along swimmingly with their contemporaries, such as King George III), I offer the 28th installment of Common Sense.

Having been written anonymously by a non-member of the Political Class - Thomas Paine - I'm a firm believer that anonymity is a good thing. I just wish that members of today's Political Class had the courage to put their John Hancock on their writings. Unfortunately, they rarely do.

As to government matters, it is not in the power of Britain to do this continent justice: The business of it will soon be too weighty, and intricate, to be managed with any tolerable degree of convenience, by a power, so distant from us, and so very ignorant of us; for if they cannot conquer us, they cannot govern us. To be always running three or four thousand miles with a tale or a petition, waiting four or five months for an answer, which when obtained requires five or six more to explain it in, will in a few years be looked upon as folly and childishness — There was a time when it was proper, and there is a proper time for it to cease.

Ha! It kinda reminds me of today's present day federal government.

Tim White

Saturday, July 04, 2009

My Independence Day

As I mentioned previously, I had the honor of offering comments about Roger Sherman at New Haven's Independence Day ceremony in the Grove Street Cemetary. Ralph Zingarella spoke about George Washington's aide to camp, General David Humphreys. And if you're wondering about the Cheshire connection for a New Haven event, the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution lead the event. And Cheshire's Marshall Robinson takes a lead role in that capacity. I really enjoyed it.

Then I stopped by mom & dad's place to see the first annual Brentwood / Pound Ridge / Ridgecrest Fourth of July parade. With children (of all ages) on bikes, moms, dads and dogs dressed in red, white & blue... the whole neighborhood marched or pedaled the route (Pound Ridge circle to Brentwood circle and back). Alderson's Dan Ford even added his own little touch... special thanks to MW! And I hope Mike and Kiki pass along a special thanks to their parade organizers on behalf of the 4th District!

Finished up the afternoon by helping my dad with the Mason's annual Independence Day flag count.

And currently taking a break from cutting the lawn.

Fireworks at Kurtz Farms tonight? I'm not sure, but when I checked their website... it seems that they're getting into TV:

Kinda funny, I think.

I hope everyone is having a good Independence Day.

Tim White

Friday, July 03, 2009

White & Cobern on the Cheshire Tea Parties

Cheshire's weekly Monday Tea Party has updated its website (see here).

I hadn't see the MRJ article that's featured on their webpage, but you can read it. Both I and Marty "I hate Te_b_ggers" Cobern are quoted. I don't have the rest of the article, but Marty's comments don't make sense to me.

The article notes that he doesn't understand why people are protesting, even though most won't experience higher tax rates.


Well, sure. If you think Bush's fiscal policy of borrow'n'spend works. But I don't accept that notion. I believe Ben Bernanke will monetize the debt by printing more money... devaluing the dollar and paying off our debts with "cheap" money.

But that means we'll see inflation in the price of consumer goods. And therein lies Marty's omission... the hidden tax - the inflation tax. For instance, a 16oz soda cost me $1.33 at work last week. This week it costs $1.60. That's the work of the inflation tax.

And btw, I'm not the only person in the world who sees this problem coming. There's a few people in China who seem to be thinking along the same lines.

The fiscal policy of the Bush years - and now the Obama months - is insanity. We can't afford this stuff. America is insolvent. The only reason we're not yet officially bankrupt is because we're still in Stage 1.

Tim White

Thursday, July 02, 2009

New state law on massage parlors

The NHRs Luther Turmelle reports on a new massage parlor law:

Law enforcement officials say they will look carefully at legislation signed last week by Gov. M. Jodi Rell that toughens penalties for businesses that claim to offer massage therapy but don’t have state Department of Public Health licensed employees...

Lt. Jay Markella, a Cheshire police spokesman, said the provision in the new law that allows police to check massage workers for state licenses will be helpful.

It'll be interesting to me to see how this plays out. I'm ok with addressing this in terms of health concerns. But I'm extremely uncomfortable with the idea of fingerprinting and photographing every legitimate masseuse in town.

I know several legitimate masseuses. One is a high school buddy of mine. The idea that he would have to get fingerprinted and photographed to be a masseuse seems like complete overkill to me.
Tim White

China intends to increase supervision of America

China wants to increase its supervision of American fiscal policy.

Shocker, huh?

Well, that's what happens when one (in this case, America) is issued a credit card... then one tells one's banker that there's going to be some difficulty in not only paying down the debt... but in simply paying the interest.

It was pretty simple to see coming. And things are only getting worse at the moment.

With unemployment rising to 9.5% today... and the broader measure of "labor underutilization" increasing to 16.5%... we've got problems. But instead of rational budgeting, Obama appears to be Bush on steroids with his approach to deficit spending... and Republicans* have no credibility.

Tim White

* Of course my guy, Ron Paul, is a notable exception! Thankfully many CongressCritters are finally listening to him... a little bit.