Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Murphy & the barite mines

Reported by the NHRs Luther Turmelle:

U.S. Rep. Christopher Murphy, D-5, said he is hopeful that some federal money may become available to help remediate abandoned barite mines in the state like the one the one that caused a 20-foot-wide, 30-foot-deep sinkhole in one Cheshire resident’s backyard in October 2005.

Murphy met with Sheridan Drive area residents Monday morning...

“It was introduced to this Congress and passed the House but not the Senate,” Murphy said. “So we’re going to introduce it again.

I wonder if Dodd & Lieberman supported or opposed the proposal. Or maybe they were too busy addressing the needs of Wall Street?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

After years and years of local developers gaining permission from town officials and town boards to recklessly build over mines abandoned in the 1800’s and unaware buyers from out of town finding out when it is too late that they have a home built on the proverbial weak and shifting ground yet another politically motivated gesture by one of our local politicians. With everything going on in DC concerning the national fraudulent mortgage scandal don’t expect our Representative’s gesture to amount to much back in town any time soon.

tim white said...

politically motivated gesture by one of our local politicians

Fair enough. I'm just disgusted with what's happening in Washington right now. Nonetheless, I apologize for making the unnecessary comment.

Anonymous said...

Politically motivated gesture by one of our local politicians was about Mr. Murphy and not tw. Since he has a house in Cheshire he can be considered local even if for all intents and purposes he must be living in DC.

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE (including Town Officials) in Cheshire in the '50's-'70's knew about the Barite Mines but the good 'ol boy system that still prevails allowed it to be developed. Milone & Co fanned the fire by deciding to sue William Baker (vs working with him) and, in doing so, they bit the WRONG dog. Watch for a million $$ settlement and subsequent lawsuits from other Town residents!!!