Monday, October 29, 2012

A problem with Obamacare

With Hurricane Sandy approaching, I was watching the news yesterday.  It was a typical shot of a weatherman standing near the shoreline with the massive waves beating the coast... in Rehoboth Beach, DE, I think.

Though I don't know if coastal Delaware had been evacuated at that time, parts of Manhattan had already been evacuated.  Expectations were already high that Sandy would be a damaging storm and the waves were a good indication of that.

Yet the waves were not a good indication for everyone that danger was nearing.

Behind the reporter was a surfer riding the waves.  And considering that the surfer had not only gone out there, but remained in the water, he was clearly enjoying himself.  I was happy for the surfer.  I say let him enjoy those waves.  But then I remembered Obamacare.

If this idiot chooses to ignore many coastal evacuation warnings... and ignore the fact that he was on an abandoned beach, except for a video crew... and ignore the fact that the weather conditions were rough... then if / when he -- or other like-minded individuals -- get hurt... why should one penny of my tax dollars go to help him?

No thank you.

I realize this is a fairly extreme example.  But it's not much different from the lifelong alcoholic with cirrhosis.  Why should I help pay for the liver transplant?

Again, no thank you.

I realize we have problems with our healthcare system in America.  But I really, really dislike the notion of me being held responsible for those who take so little responsibility for themselves.

Tim White

Monday, October 22, 2012

Restore integrity, restore subpoena power

A letter that I just submitted to the local papers:

When the Chris Donovan corruption scandal broke here in Connecticut, as usual, it was the FBI – not state investigators – who had to dig up the facts. Why?

It's because - unlike much of America - our state investigators don't have the power of subpoena used in criminal investigations. Why?

It's because decades ago, the state legislature stripped the power of subpoena from the Chief State’s Attorney. Why?

It's because legislators felt that too many questions were being asked.

If you want to fight the corruption that runs rampant in Hartford, please support a return of this subpoena power. Unlike the current Democratic leadership, including Rep. Vickie Nardello, who oppose the restoration of this investigative authority, Al Adinolfi, Guy Darter, Joe Markley, Len Suzio and Lezlye Zupkus support this measure to fight the culture of corruption. Please support “Uncle Al,” Guy, Joe, Len and Lezlye!

Tim White

And for a better understanding of my concerns, please read this June 2007 NYTimes editorial.