Sunday, September 28, 2008

Upcoming BOE meetings

I don't see any mention of the turf committee.

By the way, did anybody else notice the Council liaison for turf is a combination of Council Chair and Planning Committee Chair DeCaprio? Wouldn't it make sense to ask the Council's BOE liaison (Sima) to act as turf liaison?

Tim White


Breachway said...

It would make sense....but Sima might screw things up by having legitimate questions and concerns. He will slow down the process.

Anonymous said...

At the last BOE business meeting Behrer didn't even give a "committee" report. With having 2 turf committee meetings in September, someone on the board should have asked for a report.

I agree that Sima should be the liason to the BOE's turf committee but as 9:14 says, that would slow down the acceptance process.

If you control the information you can control the whole process which is probably why the turf committee only had a rep from a turf manuafacturer and McDermott from Milone & McBroom at their meeting.

Tim, can you tell us who on the turf committee made the following comment to you? -

"tim white said...
A week or two ago, I spoke with a member of turf committee. In discussing the turf, I was told (paraphrasing) that they needed certain people to speak before the committee. That way the committee could "substantiate" its goal."

The comment was shocking in its candor. But in retrospect, everyone knows its a big charade...

The public should know who's orchestrating this charage. In fact, a letter in the Herald would be nice exposing this fake turf committee.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke. I read that the AD has become the expert on turf field safety because he said it was safe in the CH article. I guess that is it for the safety issue. What a waste of time. This will never ever be properly scrutinized. Our childrens safety is the number ONE priority. Do the right thing and look at this carefully please.

tim white said...

3:41 I specifically decided to exclude the person's name. I don't feel like getting into "he said, she said." Not worth it to me. But it did confirm for me that this whole thing is a charade... even though we already knew that.

tim white said...

If you control the information you can control the whole process

This is how the town works - control the information, control the agenda.

For example, watch the meetings when staff give the TM report. Since I've been asking "too many questions" lately, the Council Chairman now follows the TM report by saying "and now if Council members have any questions related to the items discussed by the TM, please ask them."

So apparently I'm not supposed to ask questions of staff during a public meeting... reminds me of when the meeting was immediately adjourned because I asked that "unfair" question... "How many teachers do we have?"

But back to the town... last December I asked to have "subpoena power for state's attorneys" added to the agenda. To that, the Chairman said "let's discuss next month." So I raised the issue again at the Jan 08 meeting. To which the Chairman said "email the Council and we'll discuss in the future." So I emailed the Council afterward... and... ummm...

can you hear those crickets?

My point is simple... there is a clear pattern of refusal to address issues raised by the minority (or at least by me). Who can forget that it took 3 meetings before my "Request for Information" got support?

Their M.O. is to sit silently and pretend everything is hunky-dory.

Again... control the information, control the agenda.

Anonymous said...

The country's economy is in the toilet, the state will soon have over a billion more in deficits ,and the artificial turf promoters don't care about wasting money on non-essentials.

They are against all the valid reason for not having it, against anyone that raises a question and against the wishes of 90% of the taxpayers. This should be put on the ballot and let the people of Cheshire decide if they want their state and local taxes wasted on another uneeded high cost item that can cost a lot more than anyone ever dreamed of.