Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dave Cappiello addresses CHS students

I took a day off from work yesterday for a number of reasons, including to attend an event at the high school.

But first some background:

In recent years, two teachers (Kas Hoag and Bill Eaton) and some CHS students have made great strides involving many CHS students in the political process. They've done this by organizing two clubs - Young Democrats and Young Republicans.

Having organized the groups, they've begun organizing events, such as this debate last June between the Young Rs & Young Ds and an informal session with Matt Hall and me last fall before the local election. Now this fall, they've organized three forums for three candidates for the CT-5:

Harold Burbank (Green)
Dave Cappiello (Republican)
Chris Murphy (Democrat)

On Friday Sept 26, Dave Cappiello addressed students for one hour beginning at 10:30am. Though he didn't get to all the answers (kids had to go to their next class), these were the questions he began answering:Bill Eaton told me that the substance of these questions came from the students of Civics classes. I think that's great, just as I think the forum itself was a great idea.

The two final forums are also scheduled for 10:30am with details here:

- Tuesday, October 7th in the Cheshire High School Commons -Harold Burbank
- Friday, October 24th in the Cheshire High School Auditorium - Chris Murphy

And on one final note... as a sign of how the stakes in many races for elective office have been ratcheted up with the web... I saw a member of the audience videotaping the event yesterday. I was told he worked for Chris Murphy.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

This is great news. One of the many positive things that the young citizens of this town are doing. Keep it up.