Saturday, October 04, 2008

Altieri email requesting info on PC at pool - 3

On September 23, I posted about an email sent by Councilman Altieri to the Council about the bubble study and performance contracting. I then posted my immediate response to that email. And now I offer you Councilman Altieri's followup email from Sept 7.But for easier reading, here's a larger version of the text:

Councilman White

I would be looking for something more detailed and specific that our committee could use that would be related to pools. Your example encompassed many projects in one town. My conclusion at this time is that Performance Based Contracts will not be appropriate or effective for any one project but would be for an entire school system or municipal concern.

Using the Google search engine I have but it was been woefully inadequate for the purpose of finding details about the issue.

I think at this point you should approach the Chair of the Council about heading up a study group (similar to what Councilwomen Esty did for Senior Tax, Laura for Mixville and me for the pool) with members of the energy Commission or whoever you choose and make a presentation to the Council. I am confident that it would go a long way in providing the much need homework and research that has been lacking so far. As I have said before it is incumbent upon you to finally do the work that has yet to be done in this important area.

Please understand I am not against this idea; but I will not make decisions about a very important issue without the details. At this point it seems stalled not because of its feasibility but because the details and examples have only been examined once (December 07 Budget Meeting), you should think of that as step one in a process. Spending millions of tax dollars on this project may be prudent or not, it is now up to you to provide the details so we can render an educated opinion.

Matt Altieri

You've really got to admire this "creative problem solving." So I guess Councilman Altieri supports a comprehensive energy action plan, but apparently opposes including the pool in such a plan.

To be continued...

Tim White


Anonymous said...

"Using the Google search engine I have but it was been woefully inadequate for the purpose of finding details about the issue."

What? He's apparently not an English teacher.

It seems to me that Mr. Altieri wants you to do his homework, Tim.
You gave him examples - it's his job to do the research and make it part of his presentation on Tuesday night.

Let's see if he makes the grade.

Anonymous said...

There are thousands of performance based contract energy savings examples listed on the Net. This is an example of lack of desire, concern, interest to really learn and inability to admit he and his friends are not ready to admit they do not know about the subject. So give him what he is asking for, assemble a group to look at the issue and provide solutions for specific buildings in town. It is fine to have a townwide energy plan but that can be written in a single mission statement sentence. It is something else to bring solutions for specific buildings. The Norton School project was a perfect example, but the RFQ was not written in a way that would have allowed a performance based or other energy savings ideas to be brought forward.

Anonymous said...

Tim time to step up or step down. Put your money where your mouth is so to speak.

Anonymous said...

I cant beleive he wrote that email...the town is depending on him to solve the pool issue? I dont know him personally but he sounds like a dope.

Anonymous said...

There's a baby ruth floating in the pool, and it's equivalent to this e-mail.

Anonymous said...

It's scary to think that our TC members are using Google to find solutions.
He doesn't want to spend millions on this but he doesn't mind spending a million on turf.
He is one of the laziest members of the TC.

tim white said...

I'm not an engineer, so I use Google to research this stuff.

Personally, I'd rather ask staff to do the research. But staff say they take direction from the Council (not me individually). Then the Council says it takes direction from staff.

It's all a bunch of fingerpointing with one goal in mind... obfuscate, confuse and delay... hoping that eventually everyone will forget or give up.

It's a strategy that's worked for years.

Then the internet was invented.

And all of this because we can't take any chances with The Vaunted Debt Rating!

Anonymous said...

has anyone ever thought about contacting someone from a town that does use performance contracting?