Thursday, October 16, 2008

Open forum 10/16

The fall foliage is gorgeous. And for the first time ever, while driving south on Route 10 and being around 7-11, looking at Sleeping Giant... I noticed that South Main is virtually covered with power lines... not very attractive.

The Herald has a writeup on 3 strikes. And the NHR has their own writeup on the recent 3 Strikes press conference at Town Hall.

The MRJ has posted the "confidential draft" of Covanta's proposal on the trash plant.

Senator Chris Dodd still isn't releasing his mortgage documents. According to the Courant: When asked after a speech in Hartford whether his mortgage documents ever will become public, Dodd replied, "Not right now. No." And the Courant editorial board tattoos him for it.

What else is happening?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Who are we to criticize Elizabeth Esty for opposing Three Strikes and her wanting to keep habitual criminals on the streets?

As one of her supporters said last night, Elizabeth Esty “makes more money and is a hell of a lot smarter than (we) are.” (See comments under ‘Three Strikes press conference’ thread of Oct. 14).

Esty is an Ivy league version of Leona Helmsley who said, “Only little people pay taxes.”

Anonymous said...

What's with the Herald's own editorial - "How can Cheshire's students be held to higher standards when their role models-coaches, etc don't even uphold those standards?" It goes on to say, "But when an adult, responsible for teaching and coaching students, lets fly with a series of denigrating expletives during a practice, it's time to say enough is enough."
Anyone know what happened to bring this about?

Anonymous said...

The games are taken to seriously. Win at all costs. This is bad for all. Coach and teach them the game because everyone is not asuperstar.

Anonymous said...

The only way coaches would stop with the abusive language and behavior would be if they got fired. That would send a clear message to all the other coaches that this behavior will not be tolerated.