Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ron Paul on money (CNN Oct 17 2008)

I drove to New Hampshire twice last winter to knock on doors to support the Ron Paul Revolution. Agree with him or not, Ron Paul was probably the only candidate who understood the big issues (such as the relationship between money and spending) with true clarity:

This system that we've had since 1971 is nonviable, and it's coming to an end.

That's what this whole story is about, the end of a monetary system that we've had since 1971. And something has to give. You just can't create more money out of thin air and propping up everybody.

It's an immoral system. You're asking the poor people to bail out the rich. You're asking the innocent people to bail out the guilty. You're asking people to just totally defy the Constitution because there's no place in the Constitution that says that we can do these things.

And, besides, economically, it's a disaster. This is going to cause a great deal of harm. It's like a drug addict taking a strong fix, and he feels better for a day or two. But believe me, we're going to kill the patient. And the patient here is the dollar system and our entire world economy.

And today, Bush appears poised to take the first step toward some sort of global monetary system... which likely would be a subversion to U.S. Constitution.

Tim White

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