Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open thread on Candidate's forum

Anybody watch the Cheshire debate?

I couldn't believe that Bob Moran didn't show up... I hope he's ok. Though if he is ok and he didn't show up... that'd be really unfair to the other Registrars after all the charges that have been lobbed.

I thought the state Rep forum was good. Too bad Peter Votto (Connecticut for Lieberman) didn't attend. I'd loved to have asked him and his opponent, Rep. Mary Fritz (Democrat), about what they will do to ensure the I-84 fiasco doesn't happen again. And perhaps they could also opine on the punishment that should be meted out to anyone who misrepresents their qualifications in an effort to win a state contract, such as what happened with I-84 Chief Inspector William Fritz and the stormdrains-to-nowhere.

But the big disappointment for me was not having my question asked:

Do you support giving state's attorneys the power of subpoena?

And why is that question so important?

As the NYTimes opined:

the federal government cannot keep galloping in like the cavalry to save the day. Connecticut has to change its culture of corruption in much the same way, says Andy Sauer of Connecticut Common Cause, as the South had to change its racist attitudes 50 years ago to make repeated federal intervention unnecessary. The analogy is apt.

And concluded:

Strengthen the chief state’s attorney’s office by giving the state’s top prosecutor the power to issue subpoenas during investigations. The Legislature stripped away that power several decades ago when the chief state’s attorney was deemed too aggressive in fighting in-state corruption. The office must have more authority...

Sooner or later, state legislators must set aside their ingrained desire to protect their friends and instead strengthen the rule of law for everyone. It is the only way to fix a state that, for good reason, has become known nationwide as Corrupticut.

But since it didn't get asked, I approached my Rep. Vickie Nardello after the forum and asked her myself.

To my disappointment, she wouldn't give me a yes or no answer. She explained that the issue is nuanced and must be handled delicately.

What a joke.

There's a reason why The Constitution State is now called Corrupticut. The fix is in. The body politik is corrupt.

And though I doubt many legislators are personally corrupt... it's those wishy-washy answers that enable Connecticut's Culture of Corruption to flourish.

I'm disgusted with Hartford and their preference to "just get along," rather than address the real ills facing our state. Of course their nonsense about "getting along" is really driven by their desire to maintain legislative support for when they get their own DWI (Rep. Pat Dillon) or tolerate a bribe (Rep. Don Clemons), etc. Any reasonable person can see it for what it is.

But on a happier note... anything else catch your attention tonight?

Tim White


George said...

For he first time since CT was founded we have a third party running for Registrar of Voters in Cheshire ans 5 other towns. After watching the LOWV debate last there was no debate for the Registrar of Voters, there was allowed 5 minutes to state your point. The two current registrars were angry and attempted to defend their job performance. As an unafilliated voter I support the idea of a third registrar. How is it fair that a Republican and Democrat registrar is elected with only 1 vote and the Independent or Unafilliated needs to come 1st or 2nd. Are the D's 7 R's trying to control voting?

By not showing up last night Mr, Moran made the smartest move and stayed away from the political name calling.

Anonymous said...

Don't wait for the politicians to change the culture of corruption and nepotism. The state government is run as a business for the benefit of its elected politicians, their friends and the special interest groups.

The only hope that this state has to change this is by the people having the power to put issues on the ballot. The people of this state need the power of initiative. Currently the people of 30 states have this power and it is the most democratic power that the people can have.

It makes me sick to see all the special interest groups banding together to mislead voters into thinking that the power of Initiative is the worst thing that could ever happen and that we should continue to give the self motivated politicians the power over our lives and our destiny. It's time for the people to have a government that works for them and not one that is run in the dark by power brokers who work for themselves.

Don't you think there would be an initative to send corrupt officials and government employees to jail without any pension benefits? What are the chances of this not passing?

Anonymous said...

According to the Cheshire Herald, the Bowmans of Cheshire Investment continue their shenanigans of not dealing openly with the F&S reciever, Carlton Helming, to provide leasing information for the land on which the biofeul plant is on. How difficult is it to come up with the price and terms of the lease? As it stands, Mr. Helming is trying to maximize the amount of money that can be returned to all the poor people that have suffered financial loss and on the other hand it doesn't seem like the Bowmans have been willing to help. Mr. Helming states that a number qualified bidders are not willing to bid without knowing the cost or terms of the lease and as a result they walked away.

The only plausible reason for their stonewalling is that they must believe that they can profit by their inaction. The Bowman's are the only ones that know what the lease could be and this certainly gives them a decided advantage, but this is more than a poker game, it's a matter of doing the right thing for the decent people who trusted Village Oil and F&S. One of the most important traits a person can have is to be trusted and without that there is no respect.

What will happen, will happen and if it looks and smells bad, it will smell bad for a long,long time.

Anonymous said...

The person running against Nardello did the best job. He was honest and came up with some new ideas.

The Stark Raving Viking said...

Many citizens never show up at the Hartford Capitol or go to Washington, DC. I have, and ask politicians, judges, and other officials to their face, “What are you doing, and for whom?”

I posted a less than a minute video from the Connecticut Legislative Building, here:

I intend on showing up before key elections in time to post videos on various candidates. The subjects I, and other concerned citizens are asking about are links under the posted video.

Unfortunately, I might not be down to DC until after the elections. I will be approaching Congresspersons and US Senators on the Judiciary Committee on the same subjects I am Connecticut elected officials.

Anonymous said...

Hey, didya see the ad Sean Sullivan is running...pretty amusing