Tuesday, October 07, 2008

CCSU CT-5 debate cancelled

Reported by the Courant's Daniela Altimari:

A scheduled debate Saturday between the 5th District congressional candidates at Central Connecticut State University has been scrapped. University officials said they could not host the League of Women Voters face-off unless two third-party candidates, Canton attorney Harold Burbank, a member of the Green Party, and Thomas Winn of the Independent Party, were invited.

This is a disappointment to me. According to Harold Burbank, in order to get his name on the ballot he spoke with 7,000 people to get 4,800 signatures. To me, that's proof enough that he's serious... even if an unlikely winner of our Congressional seat.

I strongly disagree with the LOWV and their blanket rule excluding all non-major party Congressional candidates this year.

Personally, I think the candidates ought to just contact CCSU and say they'll be there. Obviously, they need a nonpartisan moderator. But I'm sure they could find someone who would be willing to moderate in a nonpartisan fashion. Chris Murphy is the incumbent. He could easily ask someone from Cheshire to moderate. And IMO, given that responsibility... almost anyone would be respectful and nonpartisan. So I see no reason why the LOWV has a lock on moderating this debate.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

The LOWV is nothing more a a sorry front fore the Democratic & Republican parties. As a nation we promote democratic but the 2 major parties will do everything possible to stop any third party from participation. This philosophy is equal to an just as damaging as the terrorists we are fighting.

Name one country the US has established a democracy in.