Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Atkins / Nardello debate for 89th

Apparently, Marty Atkins (R) and Vickie Nardello (D) squared off sometime today as the MRJ posted this debate-related article at 6:55pm:

With the state facing a deficit projected at $300,000 and almost zero job growth, Martin Atkins, a Republican, believes the economy is the biggest issue in the race for state rep in the 89th District. (by Jesse Buchanan)

Having faced her two years ago, I know Vickie's views on many issues. On the flipside, I don't really know Marty's views. But he offered up this idea that had never crossed my mind:

Tuition for public higher education should reflect the economic value of the chosen major, according to Atkins. While tuition for majors in technology or video production would be decreased, he said, tuition for literary majors would be increased. "We have to restructure the incentives in our schools," Atkins said.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

You didn't notice Obama speaking on America's unfunded long-term liabilities because he didn't address it. Obama prefers to tell people what they want to hear. McCain often tells people tough truths they don't want to hear.

Anonymous said...

Woops! Sorry. Posted the above comment on the wrong thread.

West Cheshire Republican said...

I'm alarmed at Atkins' proposal to eliminate social studies below high school. Social studies includes US History and Geography, and these absolutely should be taught in the lower grades.

By 4th grade, I grasped the basic principles of the Revolution, the Civil War, and of state and federal governments. By 5th grade, I knew all the states and could find them on a map. This was standard elementary curriculum in the 60's, and we were expected to learn it. My life-long civic awareness was formed in 4th grade.

Atkins' proposal to emphasize math and science at college level may have some merit, but the foundations of good citizenship should still be laid in the early years.

Bill said...

Atkins is the clown that has proposed implementing tolls on I84, I 691 & I95. What cave did he crawl out of. Get a grip, reduce spending first.