Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Campaigning on the Altieri/Fritz/Amann turf

It's official.

State Rep. Mary Fritz (D-Cheshire/Wallingford) is campaigning on the $525,000 turf grant obtained from Speaker Amann's annual $12,000,000 slush fund discretionary fund:
I wish her opponent, Connecticut for Lieberman Peter Votto, the best of luck! If I lived in the 90th, he'd get my vote.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

"$525,000 for the CHS Band/Athletic Complex" - So technically we could build a domed structure just off the football field for the band to practice, store equipment, etc?? Or is this wording just to make us think it's not all strictly for the football team?
What a bunch of BS

Anonymous said...

I would vote for anyone over her. She has to be kidding us with those statements.
I only wish they could have put up a better canidate to run against her.

tim white said...

The GOP didn't even run anyone.

I say good-on the CFL candidates who stepped up to the plate and threw their names in the ring.

Anonymous said...

It must be Halloween again. Which was Mary's greatest horror show in the last two years? Was it the turf which no one but Altieri and Ecke wanted, or was it the big mess on I-84 thanks to her corrupt family members?

tim white said...

There's been no corruption proven of anything related to I-84.

But then, the FBI is busy with terrorism. And state's attorneys have no subpoena power... so they can't effectively investigate our namesake... Corrupticut.

Interesting how our Council majority opposed my calls (Dec 07, Jan 08 & Feb 08) for asking our state legislators to grant subpoena power to state's attorneys.

I guess it's fair to say that our Council majority opposes granting state's attorneys the power of subpoena.

I bet Ted Stevens wishes he had our Council majority in Alaska. Then he could continue to get his "loans" from "friends."

Anonymous said...

So its a "Complex Grant"....

Anonymous said...

New uniforms come to mind.