Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Candidates' Forum - Oct 15

The Cheshire / Wallingford League of Women Voters is sponsoring a Candidates' Forum night on Wednesday Oct 15 at 7pm.

I understand it will include the four candidates for Registrar of Voters (Betsy Adams, Paul Doherty, Aleta Looker and Bob Moran).

Then there will be a forum of candidates for state Rep and state Senator.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

It is supposed to be televised, correct? Is there a way to email questions, or is that too late?

tim white said...

I understand it is to be televised.

As for emailing questions, it's been my experience that no one there is online. Though perhaps you text a question to someone.

I'm guessing though that emailing questions is not an option.

Anonymous said...

So why is there a debate for the Registrar of Voters? According to the rules as soon as the Dem and Rep registrar vote for themselves; 1 vote; they are elected. For a third party person like Moran or the Write In dude they have to come in first or second in votes to be elected. Just does not seem to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that when Mary Fritz was told she had 8 seconds, she seemed to talk much longer than Al Adinolfi who was told he had 30 seconds?
Al seemed to get cut short a bit too often.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear Esty correctly? She would cut wasteful spending? Hmmm...guess she's not going to approve the turf project when it comes back to the council...yeah, right.

tim white said...

10:32 I kinda wish I was up there tonight. I would've suggested eliminating the position of Chief Inspector on I-84.

After all, the Chief Inspector William Fritz lied about his qualifications for the job. And since the sewers weren't connected... we should've just saved that wasteful spending.

Here's the problem though... Comity Reigns Supreme Under the Gold Dome!!!

And who really thinks such wasteful (if not criminal - remember Blumenthal is investigating) spending is about to change?

I even asked Vickie Nardello after the debate if she supports giving subpoena power to state's attorneys. Unsurprisingly, she said the issue was nuanced and took no stance.

As far as I'm concerned, she's just another legislator who is content to allow Connecticut's Culture of Corruption to continue unabated.

While I'd rather see Mary Fritz go than Vickie Nardello... anyone who says that subpoena power for state's attorneys is too nuanced an issue to give a straight answer... well... they need to go.

The culture of corruption in this state makes me sick.