Friday, October 31, 2008

Local media endorsements

The WRA and the Herald have both endorsed Sam Caligiuri and Al Adinolfi.

In the 13th Senate district, the WRA endorsed Tim Lenox... while the Herald endorsed Tom Gaffey.

In the 89th House district, the WRA endorsed no one... while the Herald endorsed Vickie Nardello.

And in the 90th House district, the Herald endorsed Mary Fritz... while the WRA endorsed "Republican Peter Votto." I have to wonder about that endorsement. Peter Votto is not running as a Republican, but as a member of the ironically-named Connecticut for Lieberman party.

Anyone know if the MRJ or NHR have done any endorsements? From two years ago, I recall only the Herald and WRA offering endorsements.

Btw, for anyone who's interested... IMO, while the Herald makes its own endorsements... don't underestimate the influence of Town Hall on those endorsements.

Consider the election from the perspective of Town Hall.

Is the status quo:

1) good
2) bad
3) absolutely perfect?

I know the answer... and I'm sure regulars here can figure that one out pretty easy.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

We all "heart" Al

Send Lizzy back to academe

Anonymous said...

It's ad enough that the news media bombard us with their political slant, I think they should keep their endorsements to themselves.

They should report the news and not try to make it. They should leave us alone and stop your self interested views.

Anonymous said...

Esty in her latest Cheshire ad says it's time to turn to fixing Hartford.

It sounds pretty mavericky to me. Maybe she can do it like Sara and attack her own party.

Anonymous said...

No, Lizzie just invents fake charges against Republican officeholders.

We don't need to send any more yuppie partisan hacks to Hartford