Wednesday, October 08, 2008

MRJ on Al Adinolfi vs. Elizabeth Esty - 103rd

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan offers the first election season article (that I recall seeing) on the race for the 103rd.

There's a lot of stuff in here, including a number of things I believe I could parse and refute pretty easily. But one thing really irked me.

Esty wants to look into... increasing energy efficiency.

My advice - start with the town.

Step 1: end this approach to governing

Step 2: begin a new approach with the Council directing staff

Step 3: add an agenda item to the next Council meeting - "Setting priorities - energy conservation or debt rating?" and vote on it. (The majority will never allow this discussion to occur on camera because on this issue they know their silence speaks volumes and staff's words fall flat. Also, the majority is concerned that the Jedi Mind Trick may not work on the voters.)

Step 4: tell staff to draft an RFP for a comprehensive energy action plan... leaving it open-ended so companies may propose for one building or all the buildings.

Unfortunately, I'm of the opinion that no member of the Council majority is serious about increasing energy efficiency. If they were, they would have taken action a long time ago.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

She is a canidate who will say whatever she has to to get elected.
She wants to give incentives for a "green technology" industry, but doesn't want to look into using green technology in Cheshire.

She feels the state should not have the right to execute a prisoner (even if they are caught red-handed after murduring 3 innocent women), she feels it is a "moral judgement for God". But it's okay to abort babies(I guess that isn't a moral judgement by God) as she has shown by her continued contributions to Emily's List.

She lives and is running in a town where one of the most horrific crimes this country has ever seen took place, but she won't support the three strikes law. She wants a definition of a "violent criminal"?? How's this, if they use force to commit a crime, they are violent. If they do it 3 times, lock them up for good!

I think the only thing I sort of agree with her on is "the state needs "fresh eyes,". We can substitute "state" with Cheshire and oust all of them.
It would be a sad day if she is ever our representative.

Anonymous said...

Esty is deeply a fraud. She is running as a milk and cookies soccer mom when she is in fact a left wing Ivy League elitist activist.

Does she tell us she wrote briefs for US Supreme Court cases?

NO. And the answer to the question "why not?" is self-evident.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand if she gets elected to the State job she will do less harm to Cheshire than she has done sitting on the Council. As all politics is local, the further removed from us she is, the better.

Anonymous said...

Any gain from that wold be far outweighed by the loss of Al as our state rep.
If Esty got elected we would be left unrepresented. (no pun intended)
Vote for Al!

Anonymous said...

We don't need another spender that votes like a robot, as she's told, with the pack. We don't need one who is devious and vindictive. And, we don't need an elitest who is after power and public attention.

We need a person who doesn't talk and talk, but one that serves the people, knows where the tax money comes from, fights against waste and gets the job done.

Al Adinalfi has done a great job and we need him there to help Governor Rell to keep the spending from running away.

Anonymous said...

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