Thursday, October 30, 2008

A referendum on the legislature?

The WRA editorial board tattooed Alaska's Ted "I'm not a crook" Stevens and made an analogy to our own Senator, Chris Dodd.

And now I offer the Courant's piece regarding polling on Question 1 - Shall Connecticut have a Constitutional Convention?

From Mark Pazniokas:

A new poll suggests that voter alienation is prompting support for proposed revisions to the Connecticut Constitution, not opposition to gay marriage...

Instead, the poll found a correlation between a poor opinion of the General Assembly and support for the ability of citizens to legislate by petition and referendum.

"The constitutional convention question appears to be a referendum on the performance of the General Assembly," said Christine Kraus, who directed the poll.

It's refreshing to hear I'm not alone in Connecticut. There are many others who appear to be just as disgusted with both Hartford and Washington.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Voting 'yes' to open the Constitution is a poor way to protest the legislature, because the legislative majority will control delegate selection. It could actually give them more power.

Anonymous said...

How I look at it is we, the people need to make sure our voices are heard.
Our state senate and legislators all voted against gay marriage, but the state supreme court over turned that.
How do we allow those 4 people who voted in favor of gay marriage to make a law for all of us in our state?
Attorneys and unions are the only ones who really are against opening the constitution, and unfortunately, they are dumping a lot of money into advertising.
I hope the people of this state realize that they need to vote Yes for this.

Anonymous said...

If you vote NO, it will be endorsed as being in favor of the status quo.

I'll take whatever is behind Door #2

Anonymous said...

October 30, 2008 11:10 PM

Don't be ridiculous. It's time for the people to take back their state.

Vote YES.

Anonymous said...

Again, 'Yes' will only give more power to the liberal Democratic majority. Use your brain. Vote NO.

Anonymous said...

"Use your brain"

I'm using mine. With the Dems having a majority, why then would they want Prop 1? They already control everything.

Who's side are you on? Good try, but your not fooling anyone.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting yes. Let the people decide.