Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vote "no" on the energy referenda

Yesterday, I posed a statement and question on two local referenda that will be on the ballot next week:

vote no on the two energy referenda next week. Why?

Because when it comes to intelligent energy conservation, this obstructionist Council majority is appropriating funds in a foolish manner. They're asking for money for windows for which "the payback... would not be ideal."

Doesn't it make sense to spend money on projects with ideal payback? Say... a three year payback, instead of a 25 year payback? And if these economic circumstances don't cajole The Rubber Stampers into action, what will?

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan did a piece on the referenda. I wish he called me. I wouldn't have been quite as diplomatic as Tom Ruocco and Jimmy Sima.

And in all serious, when it comes to the confluence of energy and engineering... hasn't this gang of five proven they are entirely incompentent?

1) no comprehensive energy action plan
2) the CHS air conditioning installation delays
3) hotWatergate

The list continues. But I trust you get the point.

When you see a member of The Rubber Stampers, tell them how you feel about them taking direction from their friend from staff... rather than from the voters.

And vote "no" on the energy referenda.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I love how Florio says, all you're doing (if you don't pass the referendum) is "deferring the expenses".
Isn't that what you do in a recession? Defer expenses on things that you can't afford in rough times.
I wonder if these town council members and the superintendent handle their household budgets teh same way. Keep spending what you don't have. Isn't that why the country's economy is in such a mess tight now?

Anonymous said...

These people are insulated from any downturn. They would have a difficult time if they worked in the private sector.

They work for a monopoly, no competition and an endless source of taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

Norton School would have already gotten a lot more windows replaced if we hadn't spent so much on Bowman's boiler job over there.

Anonymous said...

Vote NO on all the questions. Send a message to the BOE and TC that enough is enough.

We all have to reduce our expenses - why haven't we seen a reduction of expenses from the town or board of ed?