Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Artificial Study Committee 10/16

Whoops! I mean the Artificial Turf Study Committee had a meeting on 10/16. The NHRs Luther Turmelle wrote:

The chairman of a committee created to consider the pros and cons of installing an artificial turf field at Cheshire High School said Thursday night that it will be at least another four months before the group will be ready to report its findings...

The subject of installing artificial turf at the complex has been controversial since it was first raised. Some residents are concerned that there are health and environmental issues about turf, which includes a component that is made from chopped-up rubber. Others are concerned how the town will come up with the $325,000 to $475,000 that school Athletic Director Steve Trifone has projected will be needed, in addition to the grant, if the field is to be installed.

Personally, I'm not too concerned about how the Council majority will come up with hundreds of thousands of additional dollars to pay for the turf. Their intention is obvious - sneak it in, just under the referendum threshold of $350,000. And we all know that if government pays, it's free money! Besides, we have so much money in the rainy day fund, we need to spend it!

But seriously, I will try to do my best to encourage some fiscal responsibility within this Council... don't hold your breath though.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Do you think if it takes another 4 months before they come up with a plan to swipe, I mean get the rest of the money that the present TC would still be the ones voting on it?
If it is, those who vote in favor might as well clear out their desk area.

Anonymous said...

Recession, what recession?

Gotta buy our toys

Anonymous said...

Athletic Director Steve Trifone should stick to the one area where he is ‘qualified,’ athletics. His cost estimate of what is a major construction project is little more than a joke at best. What next, allow the town BOE and its paid staff to provide cost estimating services for the ongoing I-84 construction projects through Cheshire?

The BOE and the TC needs to reign in the paid staff of clowns and BS artists before all of us succumb to the ongoing financial fiasco that is unfolding quickly around us locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Anonymous said...

If I had over a million dollars to spend on the school I would certainly use to improve the energy consumption. This will save us many $$$ in future budgets and make the schools better for ALL the students and teachers and not just a few.