Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trash plant proposals

From the MRJs Dave Moran on the trash plant proposals:

WALLINGFORD - With a December 31st deadline steadily looming for some sort of decision on the future of the trash-to-energy plant on South Cherry Street, both parties involved have submitted proposals to the town....

both the Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority, the quasi-public agency that wants the town and the four other municipalities serviced by the plant - Meriden, Cheshire, North Haven and Hamden - to publically purchase the facility, and Covanta, the for-profit New Jersey-based trash-to-energy corporation that currently manages the plant and would be eligible to purchase it for $1 if CRRA declines, are faced with the prospect of going back to the drawing board and refining their proposals.

But the more important question...

I want my trash to be burned by:
do I care? Just get rid of it!
Who's in charge anyway?
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Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we just leave it by the side of the road so that people in pickup trucks driving around town at 10mph (with unsecured furniture) can stop and scatter it around our lawns? ...just an idea