Thursday, October 09, 2008

CT-5 candidates' views on the bailout

According to the Litchfield County Times, Chris Murphy (D) and Dave Cappiello (R) have different views on the bailout.

Harold Burbank (G) is strongly opposed to the bailout. From his website:

The bailout tab so far is not less than $1.5 trillion. Many serious scholars warn that even a bailout cannot prevent even worse economic losses ahead; in the US auto industry for example. Contrary to what Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says, a bailout will be MUCH worse than letting these companies fail since there is NO guarantee that the bailout will succeed, and much evidence that it will only bankrupt the nation. I support a safety net plan to help distressed home owners and pension fund victims only, costing far less than $1.5 trillion (some say as little as $30 billion), but letting fail completely the corrupt Wall Street bankers, and AIG and other large corporations that knew what they were doing when they accumulated their reckless debts.

Tim White

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