Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chamber breakfast

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the Cheshire Chamber of Commerce held an Economic Forum this morning at Elim Park. I had to leave early to get to work, but heard from Peter Gioia, an economist.

Two of his comments really caught my attention:

1) expect the $300 billion projected state budget deficit to balloon to at least $1 billion for each of the next two years, and

2) expect (a conservative) 27,000 layoffs in CT in the near future.


Not to worry though. Amann / Rell / Williams will be able to save the day with their $36 million slush fund discretionary fund.

Seriously though... 27,000 layoffs in the next year or so would be pretty bad. And I could easily see a $1 billion state budget shortfall translating into a $1 million cut in local funding.

Election Day is Tuesday November 4. I'm sure Donovan (Amann's presumptive heir) and Williams are urgently scheduling budget cut meetings for November 5. That's what has happened in the past.

Tim White

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