Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Esty has a fulltime Kossack on her team

According to dKos, for the next week the Democratic challenger for the 103rd - Elizabeth Esty - will have a full time staffer. Actuary4Change is a "retired" Obama supporter who lives in the 103rd and wants to help beyond the Presidential race. Impressive.

The level of enthusiasm on the Dem side is pretty amazing.

No word on whether any Kossacks are helping Uncle Al. ;)

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Daily Kos supports esty? Actuary will "vote for esty, not againgst adinolfi".

Actuary must not live in cheshire. no self-respecting liberal opposes energy conservation.

Anonymous said...

What has she done for her district? Listen to what she actually says if you have the time. Good luck with your decision.